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search engine optimization

Today, there is no shortage of websites and information on the internet. Due to this, it's very easy to get lost in the world wide web. Many business owners now know that simply having a website is not enough. What really matters is whether people actually engage with your website. This is where SEO comes in. Carrying out proper SEO allows your website to appear in the top results in a search engine.

SEO requires a team of analytical minds who understand search engine algorithms, client needs, and carry out tasks that are required to make your website rank on top. SRV Media is a digital marketing company in Bangalore that provides SEO services to ensure that your website gets the traffic you are looking for.

Since our inception in 2011, we have ranked many websites on top of search engines. We have a client base ranging from big accounts to small accounts. Our team takes the time to analyse your website and create a plan that is in line with your business goals. Once you give them the green light, they start with various SEO activities to ensure that your goals are met.

Content Marketing

Everyone knows that content is king. However, there are only some who know how to use content to drive profits. Our content marketing team understand that for content to drive profits, it needs to be valuable, relevant, and is focused on a specific target audience.

Any digital marketing plan you create must consist of a content marketing plan because without content all your marketing efforts will bring you nothing valuable. Social media marketing, SEO, PR, PPC, and every other form of marketing needs solid content as its backbone.

The reason why content is the backbone of any marketing effort is divided into three reasons. Good content leads to:

  • Higher sales
  • Cost saving
  • A customer base that is more loyal than the rest

We are a digital marketing agency in Bangalore with a solid team of content marketers that are adept at creating a content strategy for your brand and then creating valuable and relevant content that will attract your target audience to your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Around 2.77 billion around the world will use social media in 2019, according to Statista. Therefore, it’s safe to say that social media marketing can be a really powerful tool for sales regardless of the size of your business. Your target audience is already engaging with brands on social platforms. If you don’t use this platform to communicate you will be lost in the crowd. Social media platforms like Facebook Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are great places to market your product.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at these statistics:

  • In the fourth quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.32 billion monthly active users.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2018, Twitter had 321 million monthly active users.
  • By June 2018, Instagram had reached 1 billion monthly active users.
  • By September 2018, Pinterest had reached 250 million monthly active users.

A well planned social media marketing plan can do wonders for your business revenue. Social media is a great platform to create brand advocates who through word of mouth will ensure that your brand reaches a greater number of people. Social media is also perfect to increase leads and drive sales.

Many digital marketing companies in Bangalore provide social media marketing services. However, our skilled team at SRV Media, are social media experts who understand industry trends and market your brand effectively on various social media platforms.

Video Making

Videos are important - that’s not new information. What is new however, is how important video has become on various social media platforms. Four out of six channels where consumers watch videos are social media platforms, according to HubSpot.

A video is a greate marketing tool for conversions. A marketing campaign, therefore, must include video marketing. Video marketing includes various types of videos such as customer testimonials, training videos, viral videos, explainer videos, how-to videos, the list is a long one.

However, executing a successful video marketing plan requires market research, analysis, and insights. Our team at SRV Media is trained, skilled, and knowledgable in doing the above as well as create quality videos for your brand.


Any business, in today's day and age, has many competitors. To stand out from the crowd of similar product offerings its important that a business has a good marketing strategy. This strategy must also include design.

Design, in this context, means the concept of a product and how it is showcased in the form of graphics. A products features are important, however, a visual representation of these products is equally important if not more. Visually stunning design will make your customers stop in their tracks and take notice of your brand and product/service. In fact, we will go so far as to say, that the visual representation of your brand, product or service, directly impacts the target audiences buying decisions.

SRV Media, is one of the many digital marketing agencies in Bangalore that provide graphic designing services. Our skilled team of graphic designers have years of experience and have worked with clients from various domains. These experts can take your product can give it a visual identity that your target audience will not forget.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing as a digital marketing strategy is a great method to increase a websites visibility in search engine pages. Search engine marketing in simple words is paid search advertising. Today, it is most popularly known as pay per click (PPC).

Why is it important?

Consumers do their fair share of research and shopping online. Search Engine Marketing is a way to draw the eyes of your target audience and increasing your brands reach.

Since consumers type in queries in a search for answers, they are mentally prepared for receiving a brand message. Search Engine Marketing allows that this target audience turns into prospective customers. It’s one of the fastest ways to reach and convert your audience into customers.

The PPC team at SRV Media is made up of Google, Bing, and Facebook Blueprint certifed professionals who are competent enough to scieve impressive ROIs across multiple marketing campigns.

Web Development

Did you know it only takes 15 seconds for a potential customer to create a perception about your brand? 15 seconds is all you have to capture the attention of your target audience. 15 seconds is all you have to communicate enough information about your brand that a potential audience will come back for more.

The next question is, how will you communicate every single important information in only 15 seconds. The answer is simple - a good website.

A website is perhaps the first place your target audience will interact with your brand. An outdated or hard to navigate website is rnough for the visitor to click out of your website. Therefore, it’s important that your website meets industry trends, is easy to navigate and can hold the attention of a visitor long enough for them to take a desirable action.

We provide many digital marketing services in Bangalore and web development is one of them. Our team understand how to design an attractive, SEO friendly website that is also consistent with your brand.

Mobile App Development

Does your business really need a mobile app? Yes!

Today, almost everyone has a smartphone in their hands. Samrtphones = apps. Mobile users spend more than 86% of their time on an app on thier phone. Mobile friendly website is important but is it enough? A mobile app is a direct marketing channel that any brand should utilize.

In fact, both small and big businesses are taking mobile trends seriously and jumping on the mobile app bandwagon. A mobile application is perfect for providing your target audience with push notifications. Push notifications are a great way to interact directly with your target audience and give them periodic reminders about your products and services.

Our team at SRV can create fun and stylish apps for your business that your target audience will love interacting with. The more they interact with your product, the higher the chances that they will make a purchase.

Public Relations

You may wonder why a digital marketing agency would provide or even advice that brands utilize public relations in their marketing campaign. At SRV Media, we believe that the combination of digital marketing strategies and traditional marketing strategies provide the best results.

Public relation activities can benefit a brand in multiple ways. When done well, public relation activities can increase brand awareness, create brand credibility and authority, strengthen your relationship with your audience, and effectively communicate your brand values.

PR can make your brand or organization seem more attractive, powerful, and prosperous. At SRV Media, we have strong media relations that help us create successful PR campaigns.