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Read this to know how to leverage the Google my business page for your local SEO

Read this to know how to leverage the Google my business page for your local SEO

It’s important to know the impact of Google My Business (GMB) in a local business scenario while trying to increase the visibility of your website. Then only you can avail the benefits of Google my business optimization services to stand out in (local) searches, by including the inclusive inbound marketing measures leading to ultimate business success. The google local listing optimization is important since a huge number of regional potential searchers get direct access to your business, which can drive expansion.    

Not sure what Google My Business is and how it can prove beneficial for your website? Well, we’ve got you covered, then! In this blog post, we are going to answer all the questions on the usage and benefits of Google My Business listings and how they can be optimized for the best effect.

What is GMB?

Google My Business is a free and vital business listing service integrated with the Google search engine.

With this listing, businesses can ensure that they show up in Google searches and Maps with up-to-date information. Google My Business listings help small, local businesses – by introducing them to SEO and creating their online presence.

Google My Business pages allow users to suggest edits for a business page and also enable answering questions about the business listing.

The primary purpose of the Google My Business optimization technique is to increase your revenue and improve customer loyalty. However, there are a few other factors like SEO for GMB responsible for turning Google My Business into a valuable tool to use. The GMB SEO plays a crucial part in ranking a website on google as well as for Google Maps listing, etc. 

Why Should Local Businesses Use Google My Business: Key Benefits

  1. Improving Your Local Visibility: Having a Google My Business Page is essential for big-small businesses. That’s because GMB is your complete web presence in Google Local Search.
  2. Recognition: Businesses need to be recognized in their local area. Displayed with a Google map snapshot, it shows where the businesses are physically located.
  3. Pictures Speak & Sell: The photos and videos you share on Google My Business Page allow customers to take a holistic virtual tour of your product or service.
  4. Stay in Touch: You can easily manage your online reputation and interaction with customers with GMB.
  5. Enhancing your Online Presence: Google My Business closely ties in Google Ads, Google+, Maps, and Search – dealing with your online presence much more accessible.
  6. Helping in Conversions: This information populates the Knowledge Panel – on the right of the Google search results page and as well on the left side of the Google Maps viewer. Another factor why GMB pages matter – increasing traffic and sales.

Notably, the Knowledge Panel is a crucial convincer for searchers as it contributes to a lot of information about your business. However, you can also get in touch with an expert like SRV Media to know more about how to use google my business for SEO purposes to avail some or all of these GMB benefits mentioned above. SRV Media is a pioneer in offering top-notch Google My Business SEO services to its diverse series of clients. 

Top 3 Google My Business Features For Marketers

1. Add a request quote button

Now you can add a button directly into your Google listing. People coming across your profile can request a quote for your services, which will then be sent to your phone in just one click.

Turn on the messaging functionality and enable the request record button. You can now tap and see the messages right at the top of the screen. By allowing this feature, you will enable customers to view your listing to message you directly. Reply to questions, share information and quickly connect for free.

Go to Google and search for your business listing. You will be able to see a new blue button under the reviews labelled’ request a quote. People visiting your GMB page can now submit the request directly by using this button. As soon as they submit the request, you will receive a notification on your GMB app to which you can respond straight away.

2. Q&A

Customers asking questions directly to businesses can be a great way to align yourself with the expectations of the customer. Google’s Q&A feature allows for queries/ single-word comments.

There is also a provision to upvote. You simply can log in to the Google Maps app and can even flag non-legitimate comments or complaints. It’s another smart way to use the competitive advantages of Google My Business optimization technique in your business.

3. Increase followers with an offer

You may know that customers can follow your business on Google Maps. The more followers you have, it is more likely for you to generate business. What’s new is the ability to create a welcome offer to incentivize new visitors or existing customers to follow you.

Google is spending more of its time and energy developing features. Make sure you use most of these new features while you can and include them as part of your strategy to stand out from your competitors.

Local Ranking Factors For Google My Business Page

Google takes three main factors into account, which are:

a) Relevance: How close is the search term related to the listing?

b) Distance: How close is the business located to the searcher/probable customer – in terms of physical distance?

c) Prominence: It reflects how popular, and well-known a business is. This is precisely where the efforts of Google My Business effort pitch in – Google counts the number of page positions and reviews the numbers.

These factors can be achieved by keeping the following checklist for Google My Business Ranking:

  • Ensure your listing is complete on all search platforms – Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
  • You must not have duplicate listings – the same company name, contact details, or address.
  • Your physical address requires you to be within the city of search.
  • The page must be verified.
  • The contact details (business name, address, and phone number) on GMB must match what’s mentioned on your website.
  • Your city must be in the title of a location page on your website.
  • If you have multiple locations, each location listing should point to the location landing page on your website.
  • Your content must be optimised for Google local business listings with SEO
  • Choose the minimum number of categories that it takes to describe your overall core business.
  • Keep enticing your customers to review you. The volume of Google reviews is essential.
  • Add photos to your listing.
  • The velocity of reviews is monitored as well. Keep it consistent.
  • Add a review button to your website that links directly to your Google My Business page.
  • Businesses are guided to state the regular customer-facing hours of operation.

The guidelines go on to provide much more specifications of do’s and don’ts’ in detail. Have a read

How to optimize Google My Business Page?

Here are a few Google my business best practices in 2023 to optimize your overall profile

A Picture-Perfect GMB Profile

The first step towards optimizing a Google My Business page is creating a picture-perfect listing with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Name:- Your business listing name must be consistent, accurate, and what’s currently listed on your website.
  • Address:- Mark your business location precisely on GMB.
  • Phone number:- Including your contact details is a must!
  • Business category:- The category will describe your business and customers will get a better understanding of the kind of services you have to offer. Your business category is one of the factors that can influence your local ranking on Google.
  • Description:- Google My Business allows 750 characters worth of information to be displayed on your listing. The ‘description’ section usually comprises eye-catching information that reflects your brand’s purpose.

Information Consistency Across the Web

Any form of inconsistencies – particularly in the details including name, address, and phone number shared – will have a negative impact on your search ranking and would act as a barrier to customer discovery.

Accurate listing is a deciding factor in whether or not a local business search result can be trusted.

Relevant, High-Resolution Pictures

Try to personalize the visual aspect of your Google My Business page, quite well. Businesses which have photos on their GMB pages are 2x as likely to be considered reputable and get 35% more clicks.

Upload a profile photo, cover photo, logo, and other important photographs to give people an idea about your business.


GMB page reviews are important to your overall marketing. They also offer greater visibility in search results and improve the trust and confidence of the consumers in your brand and products.

If you ever receive a 3-star rating &, reach out to the same customers to understand their issues.

Violating Google’s guidelines is a big NO-NO

Any sort of penalty-inducing offence could lead to suspension of your GMB account. Optimization of your Google My Business listing must be strictly followed under the mentioned GMB guidelines. Even your local SEO for Google my business should be following the guidelines.

Content Relevancy

Please ensure you’re posting quality and relevant content on your Google My Business account. Try posting content that highlights your product/service. For example, You can showcase any business-related upcoming events, using high-quality media to update on a recent company progression/achievement.

Optimization of GMB Pages Based on Insights

Google My Business has these inbuilt tools that give you incredible insights for each post and makes you understand how users interact with your business information on Google.

Using these insights, you can discover:

  • How are customers looking for your business?
  • From where are customers viewing your business listing on Google?
  • Areas where your customers are living?
  • When are people using Google to visit your business listing?
  • What activities do customers perform when they visit your business listing – visiting the site/clicking/ viewing photos, etc. whether they visit your site, click on directions, take a look at the pictures or call you?

By reaching out to someone like SRV Media,  we assure you of some of the following services to boost your Google My Business Page SEO ranking factors quickly.

Google My Business Insights & Reports: Measuring The Success

After you’ve optimized your GMB profile by checking that all information is accurate, the next step is to monitor how your new listing is performing. GMB’s “Insights” tab is your home for analytics relating to how well your profile/page is getting interactions.

1. How Customers Search for your Business

google my business insights

“Direct” searches are an indicator of good branding. This chart helps you figure out if people know your business well enough to search for you specifically.

“Discovery” searches indicate how well you are reaching people who have never heard of you but are searching for products/services you have to offer.

“Branded search” is the newest search metric. When someone in your region searches for a product, your GMB profile would have the potential to pop up.

2. Where Customers View your Business on Google

Google My Business Insights

Potential customers aren’t just viewing your GMB listing, but your profile with posts also shows up on Google Maps. This chart shows you a breakdown of how many people saw your business on search or maps.

3. Customer Actions

google my business insights

Google My Business allows people to visit your website, request directions, and call the number listed on your profile. The “customer actions” section tracks all of this —direction requests and phone calls— are further broken down by the day, ZIP code, and more.

4. Photo Views

While this section will compare the number of times your business photos are getting views, the ‘Photo Quantity’ section compares the number of photos that appear on your business than photos from other businesses. It breaks them further into “Customer Photos” and “Owner Photos.”

The Final Word

You must have got an idea about what is GMB? by now…

With Google My Business, small to medium-sized businesses can be the first seen businesses on Google’s search results for related searches. You have the opportunity to acquire customers that would otherwise go to larger, well-known businesses.

Google My Business is one such great tool to use for local SEO. The best part – anyone can use it! With regular google local SEO updates you can be sure to stay on top of rankings with consistent writing. It’s simple and attracts local customers that are more likely to purchase from you. Who wouldn’t want that?

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