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Twitter to increase word limit!

  • - Kalpana Sahani
19 Aug

All Twitter users have reasons to celebrate as the leading micro blogging platform has confirmed that it will be removing the word limit restriction starting July this year. But, is the restriction completely gone? Well, to find out more, read on…
These days tweets are the new way to connect with each other and the world. In fact, even marketers are increasingly relying on this platform to ensure that their brands are able to connect with the world. Tweets are smart, quick and effective. But the only challenge with Twitter is its 140 word limit. Say what you want in just 140 words, Twitter had pushed members to think and act creatively when it came to tweeting just because of this word limit. However, this limitation was also hampering marketers and people who found it impossible to crop down the message.
All these troubles are soon coming to an end as Twitter has confirmed that it will be removing the word count limit. Starting July, Twitter will allow users to post direct messages which are as long as 10,000 characters. But here is the catch, there will be no change in the length of tweets. Even the public facing tweet have been barred from this deal. The only reason Twitter decide to announce the feature ahead of its launch is to give third party developers a better idea so that they can support it better.
With Twitter playing such a pivotal role in the domain of digital marketing, it still remains to be seen, what this new feature will mean for the brand owners developing their communication strategies. But all said and done, the move surely has been received positively.