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The modern-day world brings new challenges for brands every day, and hence your business needs to act and adapt to the digital sphere proactively with expert digital marketing consulting services. Through quality-driven digital marketing consulting services, SRV media, a renowned digital marketing consultant in India, works as a dedicated digital marketing partner for your brand.

digital marketing consulting services in Pune

We have been powering up brands with our customised & strategic digital marketing consulting services in India for years. Our expertise in mapping the right solutions as per the business needs enables better results and maximised recall for brands. We have established ourselves as the premier digital marketing consultant in Pune with expertise in Education Manufacturing, Real Estate, Fintech, Health & Pharma and FMCG industries.

Digital Marketing Consulting Strategy

Step One

Knowing your brand and its long term goals & objectives

We learn all about your brand right from its inception to the present day. By digging deep into your brand's story & knowing its goals and objectives, we acquire an understanding of how to position it right to make it impactful.

Step Two

Learning about your products & offerings

Through gaining an in-depth overview of your products & offerings, we recognise the right activities, platforms, methods, etc., to create and maximise awareness about the same in the digital world.

Step Three

Understanding & determining the Target Audience

By determining the target audience for your brand and its offerings, we get acquainted with their needs and mindsets through various tools, sentiment analysis & secondary research to ensure an enduring impact among them & convert them into permanent customers.

Step Four

Analysing your competitors

To keep the customer attention intact, your brand needs to outdo your competitors and stand out in the market. By analysing your competitors through relevant tools, we unravel numerous ways to distinguish your brand from the others and keep it aligned with the emerging industry trends.

Step Five


After fetching valuable insights and gathering important information, we brainstorm to comprehend your brand needs and how the communication should go out and accordingly finalise only the necessary platforms and methods to be utilised and leveraged to fulfil the objectives.

Step Six

Creating an actionable & effective digital marketing strategy

We craft an elaborate ROI-driven digital marketing strategy exclusively tailored to your brand's needs. By following the PDCA (Plan-do-check-act) approach, we make sure your brand becomes a worthwhile experience for the TG.

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Digital Marketing Consulting - FAQs

Digital marketing consulting services include giving every client an insight on the best way forward towards the growth of their business based on an analysis of their digital presence.

To make sure you can restructure your digital marketing capabilities effectively, it is essential to opt for consulting services only from the top digital marketing consultants in India. Understanding your brand story is the first step, after which an in-depth analysis is conducted of your brand. Its objectives, offerings, market sentiment, target audience, etc., are identified along with the best platforms suitable to meet its set objectives. Hence, a detailed and tailored plan after evaluation, optimisation, and development of solutions is shared to meet your brand's needs.

When seeking services from the best digital marketing consultant in India, your brand can get valuable suggestions about how it should be positioned in the digital space. Based on such findings, you can develop a methodology to ensure your effort and investments in online marketing are fruitful. Digital marketing consulting services will enable you to resolve all such queries that hinder your brand's optimised digital presence.

Digital marketing consultancy formulates a digital marketing strategy and chalks out your brand's positioning while identifying the channels needed to communicate your message to reach out to your audience easily with an impactful outcome.