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Tri Fold Brochure:

The tri-fold brochure was designed with the corporate look and feel. The color tone was kept in sync with the brand logo colors as the main aim was information dissemination about the courses offered at the college.


SCMHRD wanted to create a unique college notebook that forms an integral part of their brand communication strategy. The idea was to design a notebook for their internal and external distributions. It was designed with a vibrant theme using their brand colors. The SCMHRD Campus image was incorporated while designing the front cover of the Notebook to help students connect with the Brand.

Media Brochure:

SCMHRD was looking for an Educational brochure that presents information in a way that’s not only easy-to-digest, but also professional in its approach. The whole concept and content was transformed into an attractive form of brochure design keeping the Brand identity intact. The Media Brochure was designed to make it look elegant and sophisticated through the use of a well thought font family. It was designed with a red colour palette to match the brand identity.

scmhrd/scmhrdtri1.jpg scmhrd/scmhrdtri2.jpg scmhrd/scmhrdtri3.jpg scmhrd/scmhrdnotebook1.jpg scmhrd/scmhrdnotebook2.jpg scmhrd/scmhrdnotebook3.jpg scmhrd/scmhrdmediaborchure1.jpg scmhrd/scmhrdmediaborchure2.jpg scmhrd/scmhrdmediaborchure3.jpg