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Fruit Flyer:

Splash of colors was used to give a freshness-filled look to the Fruit Flyer . The rectangular boxes were selected to highlight the price tags associated with respective fruits. Font types used - Utopia, Intro & Allura - in order to make it more eye-catching and attractive. The front page image was kept focused on fruits to make it look vibrant.

Morning Breakfast Flyer:

The entire design of the flyer was designed to look like a go-to morning breakfast place or shop. The icons of each product is also kept clean & represented as the shelves in a bakery shop. Design focus was kept on product image & it's price. The color tone was in sync with the brand logo & font type - Intro- to keep it simple in understanding.

Meat Flyer:

The flyer's color tone was kept in sync with the meat color. The front page background template was chosen in party format. The focus was kept on the price tags with the highlighted shapes chosen for the product listing. Fonts used - Rockwell, Great Vibes - to make the flyer eye-catching.

Breakfast Products:

Background type - Merge- to highlight the breakfast related products. Color tone kept in sync with the brand logo. The shapes were chosen to keep the focus on MRPs and subscription prices. Font types used - Helvetica & Allura - to make the content look simple yet classy.

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