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Digital marketing analytics forms an integral part when planning, optimizing and ultimately measuring the success of your digital marketing activities. Gathering accurate real-time analytics, in-depth analysis of data, generating customized reports and understanding the customer journey is vital for the success of your campaigns. Digital analytics for marketing professionals ensures that the strategies continue delivering optimally especially if sought from an expert like digital analytics agency SRV Media .

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Backed by insights gathered over years of experience and expertise clubbed with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, we offer a one of a kind holistic tool - Form Analytica as a form of digital analytics services. It is a unique tool designed to provide you with an array of insightful digital analytics. We help you create digital analytics strategy and customized forms with parameters as per your requirements and in line with your design standards and brand. With the help of the form you can generate customized reports and nurture quality leads etc. It also provides you transparency through metrics such as reach, clicks, spends, customer journey, digital footprint, bounce rates and more.

Our Digital Analytics Approach

Step One

Customized forms meeting your requirements

You can set up customized forms as per your campaign requirements with parameters as per your choice and in line with your brand. Hence, it gives you the option to leverage the power of digital analytics, unlike any other analytical tool in the market.

Step Two

Data collection for Campaign Evaluation

The tool lets you generate unique data according to various metrics such as geographics, demographics, etc. You can collect it through customized reports as per your requirements and campaign evaluation needs. Thus, data analytics for digital marketing is crucial to campaign success.

Step Three

Traffic Analytical Module

One of this tool's most unique features is that it offers unmatched transparency when analyzing metrics such as clicks, customer's digital footprint, spends, maximum bounce rates, etc., to allow you to track your customer's journey and optimize the campaign accordingly.

Step Four

Customized Charts for Optimization

Through traffic analytics, you can generate customized charts and reports that enable you to conduct a proper performance analysis based on the tailored parameters of your forms.

Step Five

Lead Management System

The tool provides a lead management system integrated with the forms that allow you to track your leads' email id. It is user friendly, thus making it easy for you to follow as well as nurture your leads for business growth.

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Digital Media Analytics - FAQs

Digital analytics forms an essential part of digital marketing. It is a tool used for collecting, measuring, and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data to optimize the digital campaigns.

Data analytics for digital marketing is the best way to track and understand your customer journey. It allows you to gather data according to multiple parameters and get customized reports. Hence you can understand your customers, make data-driven decisions and optimize your results.

Digital marketing agencies incorporate the tools that enable them to set goals and parameters for their digital campaigns. With the help of traffic analytics, they are thus able to generate customized charts and reports providing a complete performance analysis.

Companies can incorporate forms tailored to their brand guidelines with a customized dashboard. It will help them gather consumer engagement metrics in a user-friendly manner. This data can be converted into valuable marketing insights and determine where your brand stands and how you can improve its digital presence.

While incorporating the tool, you can customize it according to the metrics you want to collect. These allow you to generate reports with data based on these parameters. You can thus get a complete view of your customer's journey, where and what products are they interested in, why have they not made a purchase yet, etc. and gather leads that can be further nurtured to enhance your business growth.