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Content Marketing Services for Education Sector

Content Marketing services for education institutes is a series of strategic marketing activities that focuses on creating, publishing and distributing valuable content for target audiences. The aim is to give the clearly defined audience an array of relevant content in various forms and generate genuine leads.


At SRV, content is crafted to convert! Content Marketing for education sector not only helps in retaining your audience but also initiates engagement. As an educational institution, you must be able to create content that helps your students to stay connected with you and inspires future students too.

According to research, you can achieve 7.8 times more site traffic through content marketing and 93% of marketers see interactive content as extremely effective. It is challenging to create high-quality content but our team of highly qualified writers and visualisers have successfully created content that gets to the heart of the readers for top educational institutions.

We create personalised content to increase brand recall which also enables higher engagement. We use tools like SEMRUSH and Brand 24 to build a complete package of content marketing services for education.

Our Content Marketing Process

Step One

Client Content Analysis

A dedicated team goes through all the available content about the client and analyses it to understand the required measures that have to be taken.

Step Two

Competitor Content Analysis

Thorough research of the competitor’s content is done for understanding what is trending in the market.

Step Three

Stakeholder Coordination

An internal meeting among the content team, SEO team and Design team takes place to discuss the needs of the client. Here we build a school or higher education content strategy befitting the needs of the client.

Step Four

Content Planning Data Collection

A unique plan is built that encompasses the research, approach, tonality, language and other strategies to make the content engaging and relevant.

Step Five

Drafting SEO Compliant Content

Making the created content SEO compliant makes it more visible on the search engines, which means more visibility.

Step Six

Proofreading and Submitting for Client Approval

We ensure to minimise mistakes in our content as much as we can, before sending the content for your approval. This step involves incorporating suggestions and changes from you. No one will know about your institute better than you!

Step Seven

Uploading the content on various digital platforms

The final step is uploading the content in various formats and platforms to increase reach, engagement and lead generation.

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As a performance-driven, consulting & strategic marketing partner, we create an effective digital marketing strategy for educational institutes through marketing and communications campaigns that are essential to reach, inform & persuade aspirants.

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