Striking a chord with the right audience timely, in a relevant way is the right way to boost revenue and spread awareness. A successful brand doesn't happen like lightning. Years of trust, credibility, and authenticity are what builds a brand organically!


As a digital marketing domain expert, SRV Media helps in branding for the education sector. We realize how a top-notch education branding strategyis your calling card to the outside world. Therefore, our creative team masters the art of developing such strategies that reflect an institution's emotional and psychological dynamics as a whole. We create a brand promise based on academic offerings, student experience, or an institution's prestige. Our focus remains on increasing performances with in-depth insights, calculated strategies & impactful ideas for your educational institutions.

How Do We Work?

Step One

Discovery of Distinctions

Gaining insights about your target audience, their buying behaviour and your selling proposition. Identifying unique characteristics to create a branding for your education institution that stands out.

Step Two


Chalking out a distinct branding strategy for your college/school. Identifying the appropriate social media channels for effective communication.

Step Three

Identity creation

Crafting a unique brand identity: Logos, Taglines, Mascots, Brand Architecture, Online & Offline Collaterals, any Symbolic Representations and Colours can elucidate an education brand's guidelines. Creating a Brand Plan that outlines your brand's marketing communication, activation, and engagement techniques to convey promotional messages about your college/school. Storytelling is an elemental part of developing and growing a brand. We make sure we emphasize it with cohesive creativity and messaging.

Step Four

Communication route

Communicating offerings with integrity and staying true to what your brand can deliver. Setting the right expectations when promoting student benefits. Creating audience segments based on pages viewed to better retarget with personalised messaging.

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Our Solutions

As a performance-driven, consulting & strategic marketing partner, we create an effective digital marketing strategy for educational institutes through marketing and communications campaigns that are essential to reach, inform & persuade aspirants.

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