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Digital PR Services for Educational Institutes

Digital PR for education sector helps in carving your brand journey into a story that you tell to the world through various platforms. It is one of the most effective and efficient ways to earn links from top-tier websites and niche publications.


In many ways, Digital PR services for education are the same as traditional PR but it enables your brand to reach a wider audience. Often offline PR fails to do so. To ensure maximum impact Digital PR depends on online platforms. Internet-based strategies like search engine optimization, content marketing, influencer outreach and social media. It is a powerful way to improve the online presence of an educational institute. With this technique, it is possible to reach your target audience quicker with the information. It supports your SEO strategies in the best possible ways.

There are two types of Digital PR services for Education Sector that SRV Media offers - Organic PR and Paid PR. Organic PR uses content marketing and social media to create a hype about your brand where your target audience will naturally look for you. Paid PR is a more strategic move where the best information about your institute will be advertised on selective platforms. Organic PR is a mix of services like Reputation management, Authored article and Spokesperson profiling while Paid PR includes paid services like Press releases, Brand stories, Press conferences, Brand launch and Influencer marketing.

Digital PR Process

Step One

Understanding the need of the Brand

Our team will do in-depth research about your college and university, identify the USPs and know more about your industry.

Step Two

Selective PR Opportunities Only

Our team will identify the best-suited PR opportunities for your college and then make a plan to execute the same. After identifying, the team will pitch to multiple publications across varied platforms.

Step Three

Alignment of your Institute and Media Industry

Our team has the expertise to choose the right platform for your brand. It carefully chooses the media houses and publications that will be able to justify your purpose.

Step Four

Writing and Publishing

Content plays a vital role in PR services for education. To write compelling content that represents your brand and then publishing on the right platform is the final step in the whole process. The content is written in such a way that it suits both the brand and the platform.

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As a performance-driven, consulting & strategic marketing partner, we create an effective digital marketing strategy for educational institutes through marketing and communications campaigns that are essential to reach, inform & persuade aspirants.

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