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Social Media Marketing for Educational Institutions

“Strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability, and growth.” – by Tom Cates

Social Media marketing for education sector is one of the most magnanimous ways to reach your audience from across the world. We explore the power of social media every day to bring your institute closer to its marketing goals.


Building a strong relationship with your existing students, their parents and the potential students can be challenging. Here comes the power of social media and leveraging it for your business could be easily done by an accomplished digital marketing agency like us. Social media today entails a number of interactive platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram are a few of the popular ones each having its unique rules!

Social Media marketing for educational institutions is a fruitful way to engage your target audience and invite potential customers as well if managed well by experienced professionals. It helps in increasing the recall value of your brand and positions you as a thought leader of the industry. Social media marketing helps in enhancing SEO activities as well.

Our social media marketing strategies for colleges are carefully planned to achieve desired results. We work on performance-driven and actionable plans, enabling more visibility. After an extensive analysis with tools like Brand24, we develop the best-suited plan for multiple channels.

Social Media Marketing Process

Step One

Defining Your Target Audience

The first step of social media marketing for colleges is to identify the target audience. From age to location, our research team does thorough research on your institute and its offerings to determine the perfect audience.

Step Two

Research about the needs of your audience

After identifying the target audience, extensive research is done on understanding the behavioural patterns of your audience. We use advanced tools like Semrush, Social Mention and Brand 24 to get accurate findings. What works and what does not, decides a lot of things in the whole process.

Step Three

Customising marketing communication

After an in-depth analysis of the target audience, our team develops a customised social media plan to enhance the marketing communications. The customisations are done keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the target audience, ensuring the best way to reach them.

Step Four

Coordinating with Designers

After deciding the tonality and language of the communication, the team coordinates with the designers. At this stage both the teams let their creative juices flow to eventually come up with a brilliantly designed brand story. We then develop creatives with the brand message for various platforms with the perfect copy, colour and Call To Action.

Step Five

Optimising the Campaign

Optimising the campaign helps in defining the needs of the audience. This enables us to deliver the target audience with what they need at the correct time and place. The success of a campaign is often the mix of creatives, SEO and the message.

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