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Exam Management System

LMS is a platform that helps education institutions to manage the student’s experience. From launching online courses to conducting induction for new students, LMS is your one-stop solution.


Designed to support the different components of the exam process, Exam Management System (EMS) is a robust tool to manage all pre & post-examination activities.

The tool incorporates workflows that match your institution's processes and seamlessly integrate agreed standards and procedures.

How Do We Work?

Step One

Designed to suit your institutions' needs

During the exam phase, the tool processes and stores student applications in the system and generates functional modules like test schedules, question versioning & history and much more in line with your institute's needs.

Step Two

Set up question papers

Create different and uniquely defined question papers and get approvals with complete encryption. The tool also helps in the easy registration of students for all exams and generates hall tickets as per formats relevant to your institute.

Step Three

Conduct exams

Have complete and seamless control over the entire exam process with automated grading, custom test schedules, and question paper preparation. The tool also features training recommendations based on the candidate's performance.