Form Analytica

It is an insights-provider tool that helps in understanding the behaviour of the target audience. This tool enables better analysis of the leads generated through digital campaigns. Form Analytica encompasses many parameters based on which the team identifies your audience and builds a campaign accordingly.


Form Analytica is one of a kind tool that is powered by insights, expertise along with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. It gives you insightful analytics that can help you shape your digital marketing plans for better results.

How Do We Work?

Step One

Customized forms

Set up customized forms as per the needs of your campaign requirements with parameters as per your choice and in line with your institution’s purpose. Leverage the power of digital analytics and achieve your marketing goals.

Step Two

Data collection for Campaign Evaluation

Generate unique data according to various metrics such as geographics, demographics, etc. Collect it through customized reports as per the needs of the campaigns.

Step Three

Traffic Analytical Module

The tool enables analyzing metrics such as clicks, customer's digital footprint, spends, maximum bounce rates, etc., allowing you to track the target audience’s journey and optimize the campaign accordingly.

Step Four

Customized Charts for Optimization

Its analytical features generate customized charts and reports that help in proper performance analysis based on the tailored parameters of your forms.

Step Five

Lead Management System

It is a complete lead management system integrated with the forms that allow you to track your leads' email id. It is user friendly, making it easy for you at all times.