Learning Management System

LMS is a platform that helps education institutions to manage the student’s experience. From launching online courses to conducting induction for new students, LMS is your one-stop solution.


SRV Media helps you in managing the platform as well. A dedicated team to shoot your videos, upload information and ensure a smooth experience for the student.

How Do We Work?

Step One

Amplify Student's Experience

You can create online courses, induction and many other activities for your students through LMS. Any content type like video, text, images and audio can be used to build a lesson. Points will be associated with every topic in the course which will be gained by the students. Students can also take quizzes related to the course and make learning fun.

Step Two

Roles of Management

You can either do the admin work or we at SRV will have a dedicated team to look after all your activities. From shooting informational and educational videos to uploading pdfs, our team will handle everything.

Step Three

Lesson Timers

You can ensure that your student is not skipping any lesson by setting a time. This feature ensures that the student is not skipping the lesson and staying till the end of the time.

Step Four

Quiz Engine

As we mentioned earlier you can have quizzes in your course and have points associated with them. The students will score points according to their performance in the quizzes.

Step Five

Reports and Analysis

View and track the learners’ progress and compare for analysing the growth. You can also find information like the most popular courses opted by the students, total users on the mobile app and most active users. For your future reference you can keep all the information in pdf or CSV format.