Student Lifecycle Management

SLM comes as a total package to manage overall activities of the students on campus.


With a strong analytics dashboard and notifications feature integrated with this system, SLM also connects all stakeholders like students, faculty together. It covers the entire student life cycle, manages the teachers' portfolio for an institute.

How Do We Work?

Step One

Most suitable for Teachers, Students and Parents

This tool is a one-stop solution for all the activities related to an educational institute. Admins can create courses, handle information, assign roles and more. Faculty members can do a lot of tasks, tests and even take attendance through this. Students can log in anytime to check any notice, or their tests and results. Parents can log in and check their child’s performance.

Step Two

Manages Courses, Subjects

Your institute can manage the courses and subjects through SLM. it can make changes or upload more study material on this to enable anytime access for the students.

Step Three

Manage Batches, divisions, semesters and specializations

The admin can manage all the Batches, divisions, semesters and specializations with ease and error-free. This helps in investing minimum time in the tedious admin work an institution has to do regularly.

Step Four

Explore Various Modules

The tool has features like Attendance Module, Time-Table Module and Evaluations Module. These three modules can save time and enable error-free results.

Step Five

Extract Reports and Analytics

SLM makes it easy to curate reports and analytics to understand and evaluate the entire operational part of an educational institution. The quick access and in-depth analysis can help you enhance your courses and the student’s experience at your institution.