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With digitally driven lifestyle and business both, your website is the most crucial point of contact with your visitors, prospects or leads. This is the place where they will find all about your work, business. Developing the right website that is mobile optimised is a decisive factor for any modern and smart business.


We at SRV Media (with an experience of a decade) provide web development for educational institutions. We share our data-driven insights and experiences in designing, developing your educational website. That generates value and provides you with the best website design example.

Our website development services for the education department focuses on delivering great sites that work for college/school aspirants, search engines and you. At SRV, we help you build the system that brings students closer, delivering a memorable experience that communicates your brand identity.

How Do We Work?

Step One

Data Collection

For getting a more precise picture of your goals and target market, collecting information about your prospective students is just our first step of delivering you a digitally smart business. We keep a careful watch on the data to keep your brand on target and relevant. We use customer relationship software (CRM) or Google Analytics to arm ourselves up with data and utilize the same to improve communications.

Step Two


Another crucial part of any website development for educational institutions is to create a clean, appealing design. A quality design is engaging, easy to read with intuitive navigation. We help you achieve a clean education website design that will encourage viewers to focus on your brand value and content.

Step Three


Is the website functional in the literal sense? Are there loading issues or broken links? Are the site's security features adequate for your brand's needs? Are the contact forms, surveys, and feedback segments of your site working properly? One or all of these functional issues can prompt an aspirant to leave your site; hence we help you sort this out.

Step Four


The use of mobile devices to conduct online searches has increased significantly. We pride ourselves on building responsive education websites that automatically adjust to any screen size or resolution.

Step Five

Website Copywriting

Does your website's copy represent your best pitch? Your website should be your number #1 sales and marketing tool. Our writers ensure that everything from the quality of content to the keywords positively affects your education website's ranking in search engine results.

Step Six

SEO-Friendly Coding

Whether you're developing new web pages or optimizing existing ones, it's critical to have clean, SEO-friendly code. By taking the time to update your site's code, you can enhance the overall return on investment.

Step Seven

Testing And Launch

Before we launch your website, we verify if all the forms and scripts are functioning accurately. We also run the site through spell-checking software to find possible typos.

Step Eight


Once launched, we carry out optimum monitoring and regularly make updates to your educational website

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As a performance-driven, consulting & strategic marketing partner, we create an effective digital marketing strategy for educational institutes through marketing and communications campaigns that are essential to reach, inform & persuade aspirants.

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