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  • Establishing a brand from the scratch is a task that if done well would reap spectacular rewards. But the challenge is when, one has to have the metal to market an already established, well-known brand.
  • SCMHRD - one such superlative educational institution who has left no stones unturned to earn its perceived brand. Yet, it decided to market and expand its reach to the furthest corners of the education universe by the means of digital marketing or we shall say by the means of SRV Media.
  • Being proud digital marketing partners of SCMHRD was a privilege and a challenge in itself, which was well lived. SRV Media lives by the protocols it sets and like any other project, the protocols for SCMHRD were not violated.


  • The requirements were brief and clear. SCMHRD wanted an application that would help them stay connected to their students and alumni on the go.
  • It would also allow the interested, "future SCMHRDians", individuals to know about the college in brief. All in all an attempt to be present.


  • The requirements were not too challenging especially with the expertise our mobile app development team boasts off. The only challenge here was to get it right. Analysis hardly took a couple of days with the help of effective brainstorming by our talented team. The team decided to include the following features within the app :
  • About Us :

  • For any SCMHRD future aspirant, the information about SCMHRD right from their vision, goals, standings, courses, quality, etc. was a must and that is exactly what this section would do.
  • Calendar:

  • A space where all the activities/important dates of the institution are listed so that no one means no one misses out on them. A good medium to reach students, so that one wouldn't have to hunt these dates from a mammoth pile of mails or rushing down to college to note them personally.
  • Messages :

  • Yet another feature that would reduce a lot of administrative work of sending out the messages to students via a mail or declaring important messages on the notice board and still living in a possibility for the students to miss out on it.

Flow Design

  • With engagement in mind, the flow was very simple to visualize.
  • Anyone who would open the app should first be able to see a screen that should last not more than 3 seconds - just to get the look and feel of the application.
  • Within the next 3 seconds the home screen of the app should be visible with all the functional options arranged in a grid over a white blurred tile for each of the functions.
  • We would first have the "About Us" option. The next in the flow would be "Events" and last but not the least "Messages".


  • The aim of the project was to reach the students. Thus, a thorough research was conducted on the fonts that would be used. That would keep the students interested in app. On that note the development team began to development process and within no time an error free, completely functional and highly interactive app was ready to be launched.
  • The admin panel was a tricky part to develop. It would be a space where all the recent events and messages would be uploaded. Thanks to our highly experienced team, even this milestone was achieved without any roadbumps.
  • The app would support all the versions of android and ios.

Result Achieved

  • The results as predicted were great.
  • The students were really happy with the app which was quite evident through the comments we received on the play store. In addition to that we were appreciated by the institution for the hard work that was put in as the app performed way beyond their expectations.
  • The best thing about the app that is it is still being used by the students and the college admins, keeping them engaged "digitally".