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Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET)


  • Symbiosis - The pioneers of education domain were now ready to enter the digital world to scale up their reach and presence in the vastness of the education domain.
  • We the privileged ones got an opportunity to help them build an application around SET or more commonly known as "Symbiosis Entrance Test".


  • Gathering requirements, the most important phase in any development, was a task performed by our expert analyst team who can not only connect and empathize with people but also explore the deepest corners of their imagination, to get all the intrinsic requirements to make the application as successful as possible.
  • The requirements were simple "A SET application that could talk about Symbiosis, that could reach people, that could get applicants on board". Not as easy as it sounds. But SRV follows its 4 golden rules of requirements gathering.


  • Analysis is no game for the faint hearted but our analyst team wasn't a one to wiggle out. With our well defined, systematic brain storming sessions (of course with a few coffee breaks in the middle) we mapped out the perfect features for what would be a perfect app.
  • The fundamental rule in analysis is to understand what the client needs and we exactly knew what was to be done.
  • We divided the app in three parts: Information - Connection -Application
  • Information:

  • A brand like Symbiosis, among the student fraternity needs no introduction. But here the challenge was to spread awareness & reach out to more and more students aspiring to be a part of Symbiosis through SET.
  • So we decided to divide this into four parts:

  • About SET That would give information about the SET examinations
  • Institutes To the point & crisp information on all the SIU constituent institutions and the courses they had to offer.
  • Calendar An interactive calendar to show the important dates.
  • News and updatesA space where all the news around SIU & SET was well stashed and easy to access. The objective here was to make the applicants feel a constant connection with SIU.
  • ConnectionToday no mobile app can survive without a strong social media connection. And our team realizes its importance to best of its knowledge. It was an impromptu decision that we would integrate Facebook, Twitter & YouTube - The three warriors of the digital world in the app.
  • ApplicationThe thought behind this module was to not only create a space to accept the application but also increase the number of applicants that come in. We put our digital detectives "research team" on the hunt to find a way that could not only get more applicants but also build a trust factor in the ever intrigued mind of the youth.

Flow Design

  • Now the things get real serious. Getting the flow right was really important as we wanted the applicants to explore the entire app.
  • The objective here was to facilitate the information first and then the core functionality of the app i.e. applicant registrations.


  • With overwhelming experience at our disposal, we assigned 4 of our "Super Geeks" to code the application in just 15 days. The biggest milestone we achieved here was an error free application at the first go.
  • Keeping in the mind the "Agile Methodology of Development" the modules were developed one by one keeping in mind the finest of the details.
  • We built a simple app with all the options on a single page, with options animated like a window button. After a lot of mind put into it the development team decided to introduce the Push & Pull Notification in the app.
  • Push makes the app invasive & Pull makes it efficient.
  • The app was designed to work on all versions of Android & ios just adding to the expertise of SRV.
  • With proper linking and API's the App was ready to hit the stores and so it did with a bang.

Result Achieved

  • The best ROI of any project is the results achieved.
  • The results, as expected, were nothing less than client satisfaction (we take pride in it). The application performed really well and delivered above expectations. There was a surge in the downloads within few hours of application being open to the public.
  • There was an exponential increase in the registrations and the employee choice comment was "Ease of Use". A memorable project which was a milestone in its true sense.