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Symbiosis Institute of International Business

The Need

  • Symbiosis Institute of International Business is a well-known business school in the country, thanks to its impeccable reputation.
  • Our core focus was to improve this reputation with targeted marketing for each of the specializations.
  • Generate quality engagements which would eventually lead to registrations for SIIB.


  • We had to create dedicated messaging for all the different programs offered by SIIB – International Business, Agribusiness and Energy & Environment.
  • To give a gist of how the SNAP test works, we conducted contests on Facebook to give individuals a hands-on experience.
  • With the aim of showcasing the vivid exposure at SIIB, we shared information on the latest happenings at SIIB. Through this messaging, individuals were given an idea as to what they can expect from SIIB.
  • Since this catered only to individuals who were interested in pursuing a post-graduate program, we identified our target audience between the age group of 22-30 years.


  • Through our staunch targeting, the engagement level on the Facebook page increased by over 100%.
  • Our aim of achieving maximum registrations for SIIB was also surpassed. We achieved an increase of about 12% within overall registrations.
  • Thanks to our strategies, the campaign was liked and appreciated by most of the stakeholders.
  • While handling a client of this stature, it is of paramount importance that none of our objectives are diluted informatively or creatively. But, thanks to our experienced team, we could portray all the requisite information in the most professional way, which in turn garnered maximum engagements and registrations.