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Praj Industries Ltd. Promotion for ACHEMA (Event)

The Need

  • Praj Industries Ltd. is considered to be India's most successful bio fuels Company who specialize in bio products, hipurity solutions and breery plants.
  • We were responsible for promoting Praj's participation at Achema 2015 (World Forum for the process industries) held at Frankfurt, Germany showcasing the world class technology that Praj has to offer.
  • We had to market Praj Industries extensively to increase the number of people visiting the stall during the event.


  • Through the event, we focused on announcing the strengths of Praj Industries and its core offerings. We also shared the USP’s of Praj Industries, keeping in mind the services they were showcasing at the ACHEMA event.
  • Through dedicated interactions on Facebook, we reached out to various individuals who were interested in the services.
  • We continuously shared information about the venue and stalls at the event, wherein we indirectly promoted Praj Industries’ offerings.
  • Our main hurdle lied in targeting as the event was being held in Germany. Hence, we narrowed down our targeting bracket after analyzing the demographics thoroughly.
  • For maximum results, we targeted company promoters and sales personnel from Europe who fell in the age group of 35-55 years.


  • The footfall over the event surpassed all the expectations.
  • Praj witnessed a paid reach of 21.4K within few days of running the event promotion campaign.
  • Overall, the campaign was a success and was appreciated by everyone.