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Avantika University

The Need

  • In the current educational scenario there are few universities where all-round character is formed; leading to the development of an individual, who can stand on one's own feet and “Avantika University” is one of them.
  • Avantika University, Ujjain is a new university which has been started with the objective to change the perspective about higher education and to create change makers who can transform the society at large.
  • Avantika University focuses on the liberal education and offers Bachelor & Masters Programs in Designing, Technology & Architecture.
  • The objective behind the digital campaign was to start with the branding of the Avantika University on the different online channels before generating the enquiries for different programs offered by Avantika University.


  • We started with the branding activities right from scratch for Avantika University on the different online channels.
  • We focused on the content marketing which was a mix of Promotional & Engagement Content targeted to both set of audience,i.e students & Parents. As far as the promotional content is concerned, we showcased the USP’s of Avantika University in the best possible way to the Target Audience.
  • From the perspective of engaging content, we ran different campaigns on Facebook with different themes around DESIGN THINKING like `Human Centeredness`, `Global Communication`, and `Design blends with technology`
  • For Google campaign we ran the display campaign on different set of creatives with different messaging which helped us to understand the data points on which People interact with Avantika University.


  • In a short span of 2 months we got around 9000 followers on the Facebook Page of Avantika University with a good engagement rate as well.
  • As far as twitter is concerned, we got around 460 followers on the Twitter Page of Avantika University having most of the influencers from foreign countries.
  • Around 30,391 sessions happened on the Website of Avantika University out of which 64 % were new sessions.
  • We got 54 % traffic on the Website of Avantika University from Madhya Pradesh region (the university is in the same state) which shows that we ran the targeted campaign since it was important to leverage the opportunity for brand recall from this region to maximize the enquiries for the different programs offered by University.