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The Need

  • Symbiosis Center For Management & Human Resource Development (SCMHRD) is one of the premier management institutes in the country which is profoundly known for its MBA program that has held a reputation of honing world-class leaders.
  • Apart from the conventional specializations like Marketing, HR, Finance; SCMHRD also offers a program on Infrastructure Management. By utilizing these aspects, we intended on showcasing the diverse options that are available at SCMHRD.
  • We also intended on promoting their new program "Postgraduate program in Business Analytics".


  • We wanted to lay emphasis on their Business Analytics program, thanks to its eccentricity among the other conventional MBA programs.
  • We conducted quizzes and contests to leverage the already existing audience on SCMHRD's Facebook page. By speaking about information on placement options and the benefits of long-term career growth, we highlighted SCMHRD’s prime USP.
  • We ran a combination of inbound and outbound advertisements to drive traffic over the landing page to ultimately convert them to successful registrations.
  • Since the course was applicable only to individuals with minimum 2 years work experience, we had to ensure the targeting was focused without diving into a vague pool.
  • In this case, we had to spend a lot of time on the researching the right demographic audience which we calculated by doing a historical data analysis of already existing data with SCMHRD.


  • The overall numbers for the program were stupendous. We were able to exceed the expectations of the client by over 150%.
  • The footfall during the final round of admission process was 80% of the total registrations.
  • Thanks to our highly dedicated team who worked on minute details, we were able to come out on the top and achieve our targets.