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Praj Industries, Promotion for ADIPEC (Event)

The Need

  • Abu Dhabi is profoundly known as a city that hosts the biggest events in the oil and gas industry.
  • One of the bigger ones among them is the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), which takes place in November every year. It is the world's new meeting point for Oil & Gas professionals.
  • India based, Praj Industries was attending the event where they were showcasing their offerings in the exhibition that included-Water & waste water treatment, Process equipments and Hipurity Solutions.


  • Through the event, we announced the strengths of Praj Industries and its core offerings.
  • We also shared the USP’s of Praj Industries, keeping in mind the services they were showcasing at the ADIPEC event.
  • Through dedicated interactions on Facebook, we reached out to various individuals who were interested in the services.
  • We continuously shared information about the venue and stalls at the event, wherein we indirectly promoted Praj Industries’ offerings.
  • Our main hurdle lied in targeting as the event was being held in Abu Dhabi. Hence, we narrowed down our targeting bracket after analyzing the demographics thoroughly.
  • For maximum results, we targeted company promoters and sales personnel who fall in the age group of 35-55 years.


  • The footfall over the event was over 30% above expectation.
  • Through feedback forms, it was revealed that majority of the attendees had seen Praj Industries’ Facebook page and other advertisements that were being promoted.
  • All in all, the campaign was a success and we were elated considering how accurate our global targeting was.