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Indus Health Plus

The Need

  • Indus Health Plus focuses on preventive health check-ups, a trend that is not very common amongst the Indian households.
  • Though everyone is aware of the proverb - “Prevention is better than cure”, the same is never brought into action.
  • Taking up this challenge of making people aware and ensuring that they sign up for a preventive health check up, we designed a campaign that focused on drawing maximum response through meaningful user engagement.


  • We followed a three-step approach in getting maximum interaction for Indus Health Plus.
  • Identify

  • By recognizing the apt audience, we can clinch maximum interactions.
  • In the case of Indus Health Plus, we first streamlined our approach with the help of various occasions. Various occasions like Anti-Tobacco Day, World Earth Day, World Heart Day were used for spreading awareness.
  • We identified the relevant audience with recent trends and demographic research, which mainly comprised of people between the age group of 26-60 years.
  • Propagate

  • By using these occasions, we designed creatives that were focused on raising awareness which subsequently led to creatives that were more action oriented.
  • We propagated by first showcasing the health ailments and how it can be prevented, following the entire “Prevention is better than cure” motto.
  • Capture

  • Through our engaging posts, we built a quality interaction with potential customers.
  • With the help of contests, we built a rich base of followers across all the social media platforms.
  • With relevant audience groups, we could target necessary health packages and schemes that were apt for them.


  • With pertinent and well-thought ideology, we improved brand loyalty thereby increasing the web traffic to great numbers.
  • By using relevant hashtags, we trended on Twitter. These hashtags got great reach and lots of inquiries on our landing page.
  • The user engagement on the Facebook page increased from 2% to 6% with various posts, contests and activities.
  • From June 2015 to the present day, the follower base of Indus Health Plus has shot up from 1 lac to nearly 3 lacs, out of which more than 30% was achieved organically.
  • Overall, the entire campaign was a huge success in terms of increasing website traffic and ensuring their brand’s name becomes synonymous with preventive healthcare.