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Expert Global Solutions

Website Requirement

  • The website was supposed to be rebuilt with new look and feel. The layout was supposed to be interactive with formal texture and brand colors.

Solution :

  • Our team understood the requirements and prepared a list of questions to understand the expectations well. The questions were well answered by the promoters of the business. After this activity we carried out an analysis on the parameters mentioned below:
  • a. Competitor's websites and understanding their layout/structure

    b. Brand colors and how they would be utilized.

    c. Brainstorming over the overall look and feel of the website.

    d. Emphasis and priority on business lines along with prominence to be shown.

    e. How the content and images have to be placed?

  • We started with the inputs that were given by the client and prepared a rough layout.
  • After getting inputs on certain parameters (Images, content placing & layout) we prepared 2 options for the client to select.
  • We worked to make the website mobile responsive.
  • After getting the final approval on the above, we progressed to build it with an admin panel.
  • This was further supported by On-Page SEO activity so as to make the website SEO friendly.


  • This was appreciated by stakeholders within all different business lines of Expert Global Solutions.