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Idea Foundation

Website Requirement

  • This project was very close to our heart and was to be completed by us on priority.
  • Our emotional attachment towards the unprivileged children did not require any counseling from the members of the foundation as to how the website should appear. With a couple of brief discussions, we were all set to build the website.

Solution :

  • Any website for an NGO should be simple in its truest sense. Accumulating all the authentic information from the NGO, we proceeded further towards building the website.
  • We, within our team finalized on the images and the content. The links to the partner NGOs were given to us by the Idea Foundation members.
  • With all the requisite data in hand, we designed the home page that was very simple and to the point.
  • On approval from the foundation, we concluded the development by giving final touches to the SEO of the website.


  • The website was undoubtedly liked by the Idea Foundation members, appreciating the fact that the website was true to its message.