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Avant Garde Beauty Center

Website Requirement

  • Avant Garde Beauty Center is one of the best beauty salons in Dubai, for both men and women. We were happy to work for an international client, who showed the desire to associate with us.
  • For Avant Garde beauty center, we had to develop a website that is visually attractive.
  • We also had to keep in mind that the website had a classic look and feel while being informative.

Solution :

  • The idea was to use a systematic and strategic approach to creating a visually stunning website that is fully functional.
  • We highlighted the promotional offers, services and the USP's that the salon had to offer.
  • We created a visually appealing website using stunning imagery and beautifully crafted photography to engross the target audience.
  • We tried to capture attention through the use of an attractive eye-grabbing color palette.
  • We created a mock up that gave an idea of the final product to the client.
  • On approval from the foundation, we concluded the development by optimizing the website, to increase the chances of connecting with the target audience.


  • We received appreciation from the client for developing a website that matched their brand identity.
  • We were successful in creating a clear, edgy and visually attractive website.