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Pune Classical

Website Requirement

  • Pune Classical provides a platform for music lovers who desire to participate in musical events for both performers and listeners.
  • We had to create a website that is devoted to the very cause of spreading Indian classical music and bringing together its lovers on a unique platform.

Solution :

  • The idea was to develop an effective website that would appeal to the music aficionados and help them to stay connected.
  • In the first step of the designing process, we grasped the entire purpose and objective behind the creation of this unique platform.
  • We highlighted the list of upcoming gigs, audios, photos and events through engaging content and imagery.
  • We embedded musical pieces composed by music maestros on the website to engage the relevant audience.
  • We created an event block where the music lovers can book their presence for an event beforehand.
  • On approval from the foundation, we concluded the development by optimizing the website, to increase the chances of connecting with the target audience.
  • We provided a classical look and feel to the website yet giving it a hint of modernization.


  • We received appreciation from the client for developing a website that matched their requirement of connecting with the artists, singers, and listeners of Indian classical music.