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Website Requirement

  • Bookzbuy is an ultimate online destination for every book lover. Bookzbuy offers online customers the privilege of finding and buying the books that they are looking for.
  • Bookzbuy wanted to create a website that will serve as an ultimate book lover's paradise.

Solution :

  • The approach was to create a brand driven, clearly articulated and easy-to-use website that would enable users to browse and buy books online.
  • For the same, we created an outline of the project workflow with a unique look, feel, functionality, and usability.
  • We maintained a perfect balance between text, images and white space on each web page to render a consistent look and feel to the page.
  • Subsequently, we presented the content in an organized and consistent manner to keep the book lovers hooked to our website.
  • We created a functional pull-down menu for each of the book categories which proved to be successful in reducing page clutter.


  • The website proved to be a perfect example of usability and utility.
  • We successfully developed a website which clearly conveyed their value proposition.
  • The highlight of the web design was easy-to-use site navigation which was well appreciated by the client.