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Website Requirement

  • International Clinical Dental Research Organisation (ICDRO) is one of the few ‘charitable institutions’ in the field of medical sciences.
  • We had to design an easy to use website which ensured all the details were instilled in the it without being cluttered.

Solution :

  • ICDRO is a known entity among the dental research, dental education fields and the same had to be showcased subtly on the website.
  • Since there was ample information, we had to work on segregating and sectioning the information in streamlined sections.
  • We worked on a few layouts and prepared a few samples that were sent to ICDRO for consideration.
  • The samples gave a gist of all the various possibilities that were available for the client to consider.


  • We built an elaborate and detailed website that had all the information in the most articulated manner.
  • The website was liked by all since it fit all the requirements the client had.