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Website Requirement

  • While everyone associates Symbiosis institutions with their management or media institutes, we were given the task of creating a website that stood out in terms of its brand’s ideology.
  • It is a known fact that food service is the fastest growing sector in the world and we had to leverage this in the Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts’ website.

Solution :

  • We worked on various possibilities to showcase all the details of SSCA in a very user-friendly way.
  • Various visual representations, layouts, and backgrounds were tested to get the best out of the website.
  • Since culinary arts was relatively an unknown field, we had worked on ideas that showcased the USP’s of the institution.
  • By ticking off all the prerequisites from the to-do list, our development team worked on the website.


  • Thanks to our well-thought approach, we were successful in coming up with a website that showcased all the USP's of SSCA.
  • All in all, the website was responsive and comprised of all the salient features a website requires.