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SIBM Hyderabad

Website Requirement

  • Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad is a new addition to the Symbiosis International University and wanted a website designed that captured the uniqueness and beauty of the campus.
  • Since SIBM Hyderabad is relatively a new campus, we had to choose a non-conventional approach in designing their website to make them unique.

Solution :

  • We analyzed the uniqueness of SIBM Hyderabad over numerous conferences and meetings. After assimilating all the insights and inputs of SIBM Hyderabad, we worked on highlighting the same on the website to make it more interesting.
  • Once we understood all the facets to be highlighted, the same were worked upon in the samples and sent to the client for consideration.
  • The client liked our designs but wanted it to stand out among the other management institutes under the Symbiosis umbrella.


  • Our core designs from the samples were incorporated in the final website which was well appreciated by the faculty of SIBM Hyderabad.
  • Overall, the design was pleasing in all the aspects and had a good balance of information and aesthetics.