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SLS Hyderabad

Website Requirement

  • SLS, Hyderabad was set up in 2014 and wanted a website that was simple in terms of aesthetics and rich in term of its content.
  • Since it was relatively a new institute, SLS, Hyderabad wanted to have a website that was basic.

Solution :

  • We had to highlight all the USP’s and uniqueness of SLS, Hyderabad in the website to give the visitors an overview of what they can expect.
  • The client wanted to have an interactive website that showcased the features of SLS, Hyderabad instead of listing it down.
  • With all the features, we had numerous samples that were sent to the client to consider.
  • The client had a few revisions in terms of the content that was being shared, while the aesthetics of the website was approved.


  • We came up with a website that went hand in hand with the brand’s ideology without diluting the content.
  • The client was pleased with the output since it was attractive to both prospective students and faculty members.