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Today's world is ultra-connected with new trends emerging every day, competitors shaking things up, and customers expecting more from brands. Public Relations is a powerful tool for your business to strengthen brand reputation, increase awareness and improve brand recall.

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As one of the top PR agencies in Pune, we can definitely help you achieve this. We will run successful, measurable PR campaigns for you through our well-established media relationships and of course our expertise in creative storytelling. You will be able to see a noticeable change in your brand amplification most certainly.

With years of experience as a leading public relations agency, our teams of expert professionals know exactly what your brand needs. They will find creative ways to deliver key messages that resonate with your target audiences. We run efficient and successful PR campaigns through both our paid PR (Press releases, Brand stories, Press conferences, Brand Launch & Influencer Marketing) and organic PR services (Reputation management, Authored articles & spokesperson profiling).

Public Relations Strategy

Step One

Understanding Your Needs

Our team takes the time to understand and research your domain, identify your USPs to ensure that they can be leveraged both at the macro level and micro level.

Step Two

Identifying The Right PR Opportunities

Based on your requirements our team decides on various media like spokesperson profiling, cost-effective influencer marketing and press releases (print and/or online). Then, we pitch to multiple publications in various spaces.

Step Three

Align Your Business With The Media Industry

Our experts understand what journalists and the industry talk about through research-driven public relations strategies. We identify and engage social mediainfluencers, bloggers, social personalities and celebrities, journalists and publications that can tell your story and turn followers into customers.

Step Four


Once the media, publications, influencers and journalists are decided, we create strong content pieces for you that are published on the chosen platforms. We ensure adequate tracking and monitoring of impressions and engagements to spread your brand messages in the most correct,affordable & measurable way using relevant metrics.

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Our Work


"Digital marketing and Public Relations go hand in hand. There is nothing like amplifying a PR article on different sites and social media platforms, a space where the target audience is most available, to increase the brand’s visibility.
Through Digital marketing agency Public Relations can beat the traditional route by allowing people to have a two-way conversation, which lets the brand know things it is appreciated for and things they need to work on. One can also track the analytics to check the spurge on the website after the online PR campaign.
Online PR is also a low-cost technique to let people know about the existence of the brand, which involves a whole lot of planning and proper execution, to make the news reach to a wider audience."

Public Relations is an art of narrating a story about the brand, to build the brand’s reputation in a positive way. The narration varies depending on the channel used and the stakeholder we want to send out the message to. The major focus of Public Relations is to create a certain image of the brand and build brand reputation through storytelling among different stakeholders. Brands are opting for Public relations because they want their message to reach out to the right target audience, thus building credibility for the brand.

"Public Relations helps in promoting, developing, and managing the reputation of a brand, an organization, a person or a department among the target audience. In an industry, a brand needs to build trust among its stakeholders to make sure the business is successful. A lack of trust may lead to a fall in sales. Public Relations help in building a brand’s credibility, thereby increasing the brand’s reputation through thought leadership pieces, influencer connections, and networking strategies. Not just that, Public Relations changes the thought process of the target audience towards the brand. If people don’t perceive the brand in the right way, then Public Relation is the best way to fix it."

"Public Relations and advertising are as different as “Chalk and Cheese”. The main difference between PR and Advertising is that PR is an Earned Media, whereas Advertising is Paid Media.
Advertisement is where the brand pushes the message of “Buy Me” in front of the consumer, which promotes direct sales whereas PR is all about building a positive image of the brand and projecting the same in front of the consumer.
Advertisement is more of a controlled medium as the brand decides the content and space that they want to invest in. Whereas, PR is what the media thinks of the brand.
For example, an advertorial in a newspaper will have an advertising cost worth Rs. 5-6 lacs. Whereas, the same space for a PR article can completely be organic. This is the power of Public Relations!"

"Today, every business is online. The reason is the consumer is online and in order to reach your consumer, one needs to be in that space. Digital is a very disruptive yet important place to be present in. Online Public relations helps the business to reach consumers/ stakeholders in the space where they are most available. Today, a person will definitely have 2-3 different news applications on his phone. Digital PR ensures the use of digital and social technologies to manage the awareness, understanding, reputation of a company, through the purposeful influence of exposure via digital media."