Public Relations

The Game Changer activity when it comes to cutting out the Market Noise for our Clients. We help clients in building, nurturing and enhancing their reputation using big picture vision for strategic communications. With the specialized and dedicated PR team at SRV Media, you can be rest assured that your brand is in the right hands.

  • Overview

    Today, PR is helping Businesses in strengthening their reputation along with raising awareness ...
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  • How we work?

    We follow systematic workflow to have a significant positive impact on your organization's benefit.
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  • Case Study

Today, PR is helping Businesses in strengthening their reputation along with raising awareness and creating a strong brand reputation.

PR includes improving brand visibility and top of the mind brand recall, while producing strong content through good story telling. At SRV we understand the needs of the client and associates the same with the requirement of the journalists. Thus, further leading to a smooth and effective strategic communication campaign, through various media.

Our services include maintaining relationship with the media which helps us to promote the client content in a relevant space. We research and evaluate content for the email pitch that we share with the journalists. Our job is not just to earn money but to give value for money when we work on projects, thus retaining clients. We take all efforts to plan, budget and implement PR works starting from doing a press event to doing influencer marketing. We also write and distribute press release for our clients.

We know that effective messaging to the right set of media will garner fruitful outcomes. Since we have gauged the method we are capable of doing it cost-effectively and hence we are affordable compared to other agencies.

At SRV Media we maintain strong media relations and have good understanding of how to manage content between journalists, bloggers and publishers to have successful PR Campaigns.

Being who we are, we do just that! But with extra care and professionalism for our dear Clients.

  • Understanding the client’s needs

    Understand the domain of the client and his USP’s so as to leverage it in the macro level

  • Understanding what the journalist and industry talks about

    Read the sort of stories that the journalist works around

  • Identifying opportunities for the client in Print, Online & Electronic media

    On the basis of the client requirement, pitch to various mediums and publications

  • Reaching out to the journalist with a personalized pitch note on behalf of the clients

    Depending on the message, we pitch to the journalists or influencers

  • Designing the strong content

    We draft the content and share it with the client for approval

  • Publish

    We stay in touch with the journalists, influencers post the content being published