Agency Culture VS MNC Culture

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What is an Agency?

In basic terms, an agency is any connection in which one party, the agent, represents the other, the principal, in day-to-day interactions. The agent is usually hired by the principal or principals to provide a service on their behalf. A principal’s resources are used by an agent by definition.

What is an MNC?

A multinational corporation (MNC) has facilities and other assets in more than one country with a centralised head office where worldwide management is coordinated. Some of these corporations, also known as international, stateless, or transnational business organisations,  have budgets that dwarf some tiny nations.

Care Values in Agency Culture

Agency Core Values

What the Work Culture Looks Like at an Agency!

We are a group of bloggers, T-shirt designers, foodies, sports fans, runners, photographers, and individuals who value work-life balance.

Don Draper’s days of confining creatives to an office with a booze cupboard are long gone. The advertising sector is increasingly recognised for its bizarre workplace design and loose dress rules.

In their dedication to improving employee satisfaction and developing workplaces that foster creativity and innovation, their work culture is off the charts. A dog-friendly workplace, regular parties, odd competitions, and a lot of surfing are all common threads throughout.

I would say that socialisation is very close to the mark. Everyone is always hanging together, and there is a creative, happy feeling all-around. This atmosphere encourages the team to collaborate and build unique advertisements for its clients.

One of the most fundamental aspects of advertising is brainstorming. And finding effective ways to do so is crucial. At SRV Media, the arrangement of the office is a big part of what makes brainstorming so enjoyable.

We have small whiteboards covering the majority of the workstations and conference rooms. When we get an idea, we just start writing it down. This makes the process more collaborative, allowing brand strategists and account executives to work together on ideas and presentations, resulting in the best potential solution for each client.

Working at an advertising firm has its advantages, but it’s also a fantastic place to learn new skills and take on challenging projects.


How an MNC Is Different From an Agency!

Multinational corporations are businesses operating on a global scale that have established high-performance work standards that have already yielded significant results. They are the businesses that have the least amount of freedom while producing the most outcomes.

Going against an MNC’s well equipped hierarchical structure may result in your dismissal. An employee must report to his or her supervisor, who in turn must report to the team leader. There are no ifs or buts. They can’t stand any kind of confrontation with their jobs or obligations. Working with a multinational corporation might be difficult, yet that is how things are done and how goals are met.

As part of a worldwide business, you must follow the policies and codes set out by the firm. As you go from a start-up to a multinational corporation, you must retire your rough pants. To be a member of an organisation where everything is done on a worldwide scale, you must be nicely dressed.

MNCs are not interested in anything that entails a noisy discussion or a hazy plan. The vision and mission are well presented in boardroom meetings and round table conferences so that all that has been forgotten is brought to light and required contributions made.

In a nutshell, an agency promotes an informal work environment to promote creativity and more productivity, and an MNC promotes a formal work environment as they already have set certain bars and standards for the work process. They are pre-defined, and employees have to work according to that protocol.

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