Europa Locks



To increase brand and product awareness and recall for Europa Locks by positioning them as the “Strongest Of All”

Winning Strategies

They defined objectives and set an approach that included various types of social media posts, such as new range launch posts, vernacular and location-based posts, offer-based posts, user-generated content, brand-specific posts, seasonal-specific posts, topical/festive posts, and new store opening posts.

Baazar Kolkata initiated a Durga Pujo campaign called “Be Pujo Ready” with Ankush and Oindrilla on social media to create buzz about the brand and its Puja-ready offerings.

Baazar Kolkata also collaborated with 30+ micro and nano-influencers in four months to enhance the overall reach and recall of the brand.

Baazar Kolkata conducted a mini-contest on Instagram for Father’s Day, where lucky winners were given shopping vouchers at the stores, leading to a rise in footfall at the stores.


Page engagement on Instagram increased by 316% over one year, with a good count of active users

Organic growth of 43% (1.4K new followers) on Instagram over one year

Page engagement on Facebook increased by 178% over one year

Website traffic increased by 16,145 users compared to the previous month, with 12,862 new users. Through social media, 617 visitors were obtained, out of which 582 were new visitors on the website

Europa Locks
Europa Locks