Bazar Kolkata



Increase followers on all social media platforms

Increase recall of Baazar Kolkata

Keep the audience engaged to the pages

Winning Strategies

They defined objectives and set an approach that included various types of social media posts, such as new range launch posts, vernacular and location-based posts, offer-based posts, user-generated content, brand-specific posts, seasonal-specific posts, topical/festive posts, and new store opening posts.

Baazar Kolkata initiated a Durga Pujo campaign called “Be Pujo Ready” with Ankush and Oindrilla on social media to create buzz about the brand and its Puja-ready offerings.

Baazar Kolkata also collaborated with 30+ micro and nano-influencers in four months to enhance the overall reach and recall of the brand.

Baazar Kolkata conducted a mini-contest on Instagram for Father’s Day, where lucky winners were given shopping vouchers at the stores, leading to a rise in footfall at the stores.


Achieved a 76.8% increase in profile visits, engaged 44.2K accounts who weren’t following the account, and a 52.7% increase in overall followers growth

Social media activities and campaigns resulted in a 16.27% increase in people visiting the store who accepted that they were influenced by social media, according to a survey conducted by Baazar Kolkata at their 125 stores.

Durga Pujo campaign resulted in 3M+ reach, 60K+ views, 23.8K engagement, and 10.1K clicks.

Baazar Kolkata’s collaboration with 30+ micro and nano-influencers resulted in 48K+ total engagement, 483K+ total reach, and 690K+ total plays

Father’s Day AR filter activation resulted in 10K+ impressions, 600+ opens, 100+ captures, 498+ profile visits, and 4K+ non-followers reached in just 6 days.