Parul University



Engagement with The TG

To interact with the audience in the digital space via interconnected branding platforms & also inform about the programs offered amongst the target audience.

Expanding Reach

Following Multimedia mix approach by activating channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube.

Brand Positioning

Increase awareness about Parul University in India and Abroad.

Establish Positive Connect

Positively influencing the audience towards Parul University

Leads and Admissions

To generate leads for the 450 programs through focused audience targeting, followed by increase in the ratio of Leads to Final Admission Count compared to last year.

Winning Strategies

Communication Theme:

Developed communication Themes against the challenges faced

Media Planning:

Phase Wise, region wise and event wise Budget Planning

Landing Pages:

Master Landing Page & program specific landing pages

Campaign Assets:

-USPs & offerings based ad creatives
-Persuasive Ad copies with USPs


-Ad optimization based on audience intent
-Location wise & Region wise targeting
-Targeting Working Professionals for PG Programs
-Video Testimonials for Remarketing Campaign


-Nurturing of prospects/leads
-Drip Marketing
-Telecalling support (Cater to regional languages)


-Leveraged digital Ad Platforms
-Education portals
-OTT & News Platforms
-Celebrities Endorsement
-ATL Activities (Billboards, Print Ads, Radio Ads)
-Influencers Marketing


Improved the Leads to Admissions ratio by 5% compared to previous years


Admissions through SRV sources


Increase in total number of admissions y-o-y