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Online Press Release (PR) Writing & Distribution

Make national news in both print and digital media. With SRV Media's Press Releases writing and online PR distribution services, you can reach thousands of crucial national editors who can help catapult your story to the national scene.

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As one of the best press release distribution companies, we can undoubtedly assist you in achieving your goals. We will provide you with the best press release distribution services India through our well-established media ties. In addition, we will facilitate the distribution of your press release to hundreds of reputable media sites, allowing you to increase brand exposure and publicity. Press release service providers like SRV Media may help you connect with your target demographic effectively through various strategies.

Press release writing services provided by SRV Media using Search Engine Optimization standards can help you appear in online searches. The amount of publicity your press releases receive on internet news sites has a big impact on your search engine visibility. Press releases from one of the best public relations consulting firms will equip your brand to be viewed as an industry leader.

Our specialist teams understand exactly what your brand requires with years of expertise as the top press release service providers. They will develop novel approaches to convey important messages through vital means to help resonate with your target consumers. Our nationwide distribution enables a tailored approach in a given state for more comprehensive brand awareness possibilities. For increased success, we target through social media to help send the correct message at the right time, as expected from the top public relations consulting firms.

Press Release Writing & Distribution Process:

Step One

We Understand Your Brand Story & Objective

Our team of experts spends time researching and studying your industry, as well as identifying your unique selling features (USP) to guarantee that they can be leveraged well.

Step Two

We Explore Your Brands From The Eye Of The Audience

Our expert team visits and understands your social media and website to get a perspective on what your audience desires. It allows us to draft that perfect copy as a part of our press release writing services.

Step Three

Our Experienced Writers Curate The Content

Our team of experienced press release story writers curate the content and add images and hyperlinks to attract attention to your brand story.

Step Four

You Are Provided The Draft For Review

After the content is created, we provide you with a draft to allow you to express your thoughts on it. You can use this time to ensure the right brand image and message is being conveyed through the writeup.

Step Five

Release Your Message To Leading Media Houses

Upon approval, we send out the final copy to leading media houses that will amplify your message to your target audience.


Even if you have the finest product on the market, if no one knows about it or has seen it, it will fail miserably. This is when the power and efficacy of a well-written press release shines through. Some of the most significant advantages of a press release are as follows:

  • Immediate exposure to a pre-existing audience
  • Affordability
  • Potential of sales growth 
  • Boosting online traffic to your site
  • Possibility of social sharing
  • Establishes a working partnership with a public relations business
  • Increasing return customers
  • Assists you in establishing a new marketing channel
  • Gives your brand legitimacy

The practice of sending out genuine media kits complete with colour slides and product sheets is no longer used. Several tools of the public relations field have remained despite massive technology advancements. A press release is one of them. While press releases remain valuable, how they are utilised has changed. Sending them in impersonal mass emails is unlikely to result in notoriety, and Google's algorithms have been updated to avoid keyword stuffing for SEO purposes. Press releases with the right press release service providers do provide a variety of advantages to help deliver your brand message to your target audience.

Many factors can ultimately determine whether you receive media attention, ranging from ties with specific journalists to editorial calendars and the press release distribution service you use. Despite the fact that it may appear random, statistics have consistently shown that Thursday is king regarding press release open rates. The most correct response, though, is: it depends. Your industry, location, and other considerations may all influence the best time to send an email. Good public relations consulting firms can guide you further.

While it may be possible, it is not entirely practical. Even though you may know more about your brand, a professional experienced in press release writing services knows more about the broader picture of this tactic. In addition, a professional is more experienced and understands what the industry desires. With the right professional, you will not only get the language and story right, but you will also not have to factor in nuances that sway the audience towards you.

The simple answer is it depends. While there are certain exceptions, professionals at one of the best press release distribution companies can help you get your brand message across through the proper channels. No matter your industry, you can always get the best advice for you from our professionals. Their experience has helped us become the best press release distribution services in India. So, get in touch with us and know all about press releases and how to utilise them effectively.