search engine marketing

We have retained more than 99% clients till date, who have given us the opportunity to provide search engine marketing services for them.

This is indeed a staggering number if you consider the dynamic model of online advertising. Our PPC team boasts of Google, Facebook Blueprint and Bing certified professionals, who run data-driven campaigns & achieve impressive ROI for our clients.

  • Overview

    Digital society has accelerated at a phenomenal speed. So why should your business lag behind?
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  • How we work?

    We follow systematic workflow to have a significant positive impact on your organization's benefit.
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  • Case Study

Digital society has accelerated at a phenomenal speed. So why should your business lag behind? Right now, somewhere, a potential customer is searching for the products you sell. But, who will they find first – your company or your competitor?

We use the best custom combination of paid search, contextual advertising and organic placement supported with strong analytics and in-depth research to ensure that you are is the first thing the customer sees.

We have a cookie database of more than 10 million. Our cookie wealth tells us how intent and committed our audience is and based on that we allocate educated budget to get the best ROI. As one of the best provider of PPC service in India, we understand at which stage the audience is and accordingly we adjust our communication, call to action and landing page.

Today, the world is running after gaining maximum traffic on their website. However, the truth is "Traffic is good but quality traffic is the best!" Our strategy as providers of search engine marketing in Pune is to make your website visible on search engines for a very specific set of keywords so that it appears in only relevant searches.

  • Research: Business Goals

    We understand what your business hopes to achieve through running a PPC campaign.

  • Research: Target Audience

    We define your audience which is the part underlying strategy behind your PPC campaign.

  • Research: Keyword Research

    We go in the mindset of your users and pick the relevant terms to target

  • Implementation : Campaign Structure & Ad copy

    We structure your campaign logically around the themes relevant to your target audience

  • Implementation: Landing Page Development

    We create landing page for you with high-quality original content that’s well-structured and user friendly

  • Optimization: Statistical Analysis

    We determine which parts of your campaign are bringing you the most value.

  • Optimization: Refinement

    We test various elements of the campaign to run a truly optimized campaign for you