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Performance Marketing With PPC Services In Pune

In the competitive digital world, it’s imperative for your business to reach potential customers at the right time. Effective performance marketing through an expert performance marketing consultant like SRV Media empowers your business with enhanced impressions, relevant leads, increased traffic, boosted sales & profitability, and more.

ppc management services in Pune

As the best providers of Search Engine Marketing in Pune, our cohesive performance marketing strategy covers significant aspects like ad networks such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Emails, SMS, Push Notifications, etc. as per your objectives, effective media planning & buying to yield desired results, understanding the buyer persona in detail, an impactful creative communication plan to catch customer attention and retain it, and more.

By paying attention to the numerous factors which are likely to influence the performance of your campaign, SRV Media brings your business the value and outputs it aims for with expert PPC services in Pune.

Our dedicated team of Google, Facebook Blueprint and Bing Certified experts leave no stone unturned when it comes to making your business stand out from the rest in the market. Our unmatched expertise for PPC management service in Pune gained through years of experience in carrying out powerful performance marketing campaigns make us one of leading SEM PPC companies Pune currently offers. 

PPC Marketing & Management Service In Pune

Step One

In-depth Research

Our extensive research process includes determining your business objectives, identifying and understanding the target audience, mapping the right set of keywords, and targeting high-quality online inventories through programmatic buying, which enables us to create a compelling and high-performing campaign for your business.

Step Two

Impactful Implementation

By prioritizing the mindsets and needs of your audience, we create a campaign structure, curate ad copy, along with developing an attractive landing page with gripping content and an evoking design.

Step Three

Systematic Optimization

Through statistical analysis done with tools like tableau and python, we analyse data, drive insights, and accordingly refine the campaign in a way which minimises the cost and maximizes ROI.

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While performance marketing becomes very important for urgent and short term campaigns, it can also be leveraged for long term campaigns. It basically depends on your business and your business goals. If you want more conversions in a short duration - performance marketing is the right approach.

A performance marketing agency is one who can promise and deliver on results in terms of conversions, sales, qualified leads or more rather than just impressions, reach, and engagement.

A performance marketing agency always takes a Data-Driven Approach to formulate strategies that help in achieving goals in the given period of time. Based on the final goal of the project, data is analysed, campaigns are run, and results are delivered. The process of creating strategies, ideation and crisis management are also an integral part of a performance marketing agency's work.

In simple terms, performance marketing in a digital marketing agency is advertising in the digital space with the objective of getting conversions, sales, qualified leads or more. In performance marketing, the focus is not on the impressions, reach, engagement but the overall conversions.

Holistic Performance Marketing is when the promotions of a product/service are done through each medium available in the Digital Space. Eg. Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, PR, Content Marketing, Video Marketing and more.