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In today’s modern business landscape, digital marketing is a huge part of an organization’s overall marketing strategy. Consumers and businesses are both online almost always. To reach your target audience and understand your competition better, you will even need to spend a lot of time online.

While most start-ups and SMEs have embraced digital marketing, the constantly evolving digital landscape can soon seem overwhelming. With so much else to do, how do you plan, fine-tune, and manage a flexible digital marketing strategy? Furthermore, how do you determine if your digital marketing strategy will hit the bullseye or fall short of its objective?

This article gives you a compiled list of the first three steps to create a digital strategy to help grow your business.

Step 1: Build your buyers persona

As any digital marketing company in Pune will tell you, creating a buyer’s persona is a must for a marketing strategy – offline and online. A buyer’s persona will help you understand your target audience and what kind of communication will resonate with them.

The best digital marketing campaigns are built upon a solid buyer persona. Additionally, a marketer must remember the brand’s business type too. Whether your client has a B2B profile or B2C – you will undergo a lot of research, surveys and interviews to collect information about your target audience to create your buyer persona. The data you use while creating a buyer’s persona must be real whenever possible; making assumptions about your target audience can lead you to the wrong path. That is why a solid Digital marketing strategy for a brand is always necessary. 

What kind of information should you include in your buyer persona?

The details you add to your buyer persona will vary based on whether you are a B2B or B2C organization. Not for just different brands, strategies differ from one business type to another. Hence, B2B digital marketing strategies are different from B2C ones.

Here is a list of aspects you can use as a guide to begin creating your buyer persona (ensure that you fine-tune it based on your business).

• Location
• Age
• Income
• Job Title
• Goals
• Challenges
• Hobbies and interests
• Priorities

Step 2: Identify your goals & the digital marketing tools you’ll require

All your marketing goals must align with your organization’s goals. For instance, if a Digital marketing company’s business goal is to increase digital earnings by 30%, your brand’s digital marketing goal should be to generate 60% more leads than you did last time.

Regardless of your overarching goals, you must know how to measure them. Correctly measuring your goals will help you decide on the right digital marketing tools you can use to reach your goals.

Step 3: Assess your current digital marketing channels and assets.

To avoid being overwhelmed, it is imperative that you assess your current assets that can be incorporated into your digital strategy. Moreover, do not forget to mention your observation while asking for digital marketing consulting services.

1. Owned Media

Owned media refers to what your business already owns – your website, social media profiles, blog content, images or any other online channels your business has complete ownership over. This can also include content you own but publish on websites you do not own.

2. Earned Media

Earned media refers to the exposure your business has received through word-of-mouth marketing. This could include any PR activity you have been doing, the customer experience you have provided, or any other recognition you have earned as a result of your goods or services.

3. Paid Media

Paid media refers to any channel you have invested money in to catch the attention of your target audience. This includes Google Adwords, paid social media posts, sponsored posts on websites, or anything else you have invested in for visibility.


With the help of all this information, you can plan a digital strategy that includes elements from all three channels.

At the end of the day, your digital strategy will be individual to your business. If all this can seem like too much work, you can reach out to the best digital marketing company in Pune and let them handle the creation and execution of a digital marketing strategy for your business.

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