Types of content marketing you can use to expand your business

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As a business owner looking to establish a successful long-term online brand, you should look at creating relevant and helpful content. It is different from outbound marketing, where a consumer may have to watch an advertisement or receive annoying cold-calls involuntarily. Content marketing focuses on distributing valuable and relevant content for a niche audience and driving profitable customer action from it. You will post content that addresses the pain points of your customers regarding the use of a particular product or service. The detailed but concise explanation in your content will create an impression of helpfulness and authenticity about your brand. It will lead to more call-to-actions, such as generating leads or making sales.

In this post, we have listed down the different types of content in-detail, which you can apply in your content marketing strategy. You can either create them in-house or consult one of the best digital marketing agencies in India for their expertise in this domain.

1. Blogging

Blogging should be at the forefront of your content marketing strategy. It is because blogs act as a significant source of information for your audience to gain valuable insights about your products or services. Plus, blogs are cost-effective and can rank high on Google by optimizing keywords. It will not only boost your website’s traffic but also build relationships with your readers, which further helps in nurturing leads and conversions.

To put your blog articles in a more advantageous position, you can post long-form content. With the help of such content, you can include every bit of relevant information about a particular subject. As a result, your blog will become a go-to learning source for your readers, which will increase the credibility of your website and ultimately, boost website traffic.

Before you start blogging, make sure you avoid these common mistakes.

Don’t post irregularly – If you plan to post one blog per week, make sure you follow that frequency. It will establish you as a serious platform and help you acquire readers.

Not adding CTA – Always remember to add a Call-To-Action at the end of your blog posts. It will help you drive engagement and generate leads. The different types of CTA can be in the form of sharing on social media, signing up on the website for email updates, etc.

Not optimizing keywords – If you want your site to be found, you have to use keywords in your blog articles. These keywords are search terms used by readers to research on a topic on Google. By using these keywords, Google will optimize your article and improve its Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) ranking.

2. Case-studies

If you are looking for a type of content marketing that positions your brand as unique and as a domain leader, look no further than case-studies. Case-studies provide in-depth knowledge about specific scenarios by giving examples of projects undertaken by your brand. By presenting this data in a manner which grabs attention, it will lead to a considerable number of shares on social media and other platforms such as SlideShare.

So, how should you present a good case study? Well, you should start by explaining the problem in-hand, the solutions provided and the subsequent results. It gives a holistic point-of-view to your reader, which makes for an entertaining read rather than just blandly posting the data and results, which will make the experience boring. Instead, engross your readers in the form of storytelling, that answers the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of a specific topic.

3. Ebooks

Business ebooks contain in-depth information about a specific topic, where it showcases a problem and provides a solution for the same. As a result, your brand can use ebooks to educate your audience about your work and the domain in general. With the help of these problem-solving guides, your brand can position itself as an industry leader, working with an esteemed list of clientele.

So, how do you make an ebook? By following these set of guidelines. Let’s have a look –

Length – Try to keep the length of your ebook between 15-30 pages. The smaller an ebook’s size, the higher the chances are that your readers will take time out from their busy schedule to read your ebook.

Structure – The structure of an ebook is very similar to a whitepaper. It consists of a title page, followed by the table of contents, and a summary by the company’s executive. After that, the ebook should introduce the problem of discussion, educate its semantics, offer a solution for the same and quote an example of the brand’s work to explain the answer further. The ebook should finish with the results achieved and a broad conclusion.

Style – The ebook’s style plays a significant part in generating the reader’s interest. Therefore, you must hire a graphic designer with sound knowledge of design page layout, images, fonts, and colours. Also, the content in the ebook must be well-edited and written professionally. A content writer with an excellent grasp of grammar should be the ideal candidate for this job.

While preparing an ebook, make sure you follow content marketing’s basic principle of educating the audience rather than pitching your product. The facts and evidence presented in your ebook should persuade your reader to take a profitable action. Plus, the usefulness of your ebook’s content increases the credibility of your brand. It results in ebook downloads, which results to lead generation.

4. Infographics

While preparing a case-study or an ebook, you can display an array of statistics. It could be concerning the subject of your case-study/ebook or the results you fetched working with a client. However, you can only post these statistics in the form of bullet points, which makes for a good read but isn’t visually appealing — using infographics changes that dynamic.

Infographics allow you to use a lot of information in one image, where the content is not only visually attractive but also easily understood. As a result, infographics are highly popular on social media and get a lot of traction in the form of likes and shares. Plus, you can also put backlinks on these infographics, which will direct traffic to your website and blog articles.

While infographics come in various design forms and sizes, the same basic principles apply in all of them. Firstly, keep the design clean and straightforward so that the reader can easily interpret the presented data. Secondly, use whitespace as it makes data look uncluttered. It also improves readability. Finally, distinctively organize content so that each section holds its importance.

5. Videos

Videos are the most engaging form of content marketing. It allows brands to create authentic content and portray them in the way of a captivating story. Plus, brands understand that videos are immensely popular amongst the millennial generation. A study by Animoto proves it, which states that 75% of millennials watch video content daily. Keeping that in mind, 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool in 2019, according to a recent survey by Hubspot.

You can distribute your videos on popular video platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. Other than that, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are super-conducive for video content. You can redirect your viewers to your blog posts by adding links in the description of these videos. This way, you will garner views on your videos and receive website traffic at the same time.

At the end of your videos, provide value to your viewers by adding CTA. It should redirect them to your landing page, which could also be the products and services page of your website.

By utilizing these types of content marketing, it will help you increase generate website traffic, drive sales, and gain significant results out of your campaign. These factors will contribute to the long-term sustainability of your brand. All of you have to do is invest in content marketing and believe in its potential. You will get your money’s worth!

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