Top Innovative Strategies To Drive Sales For E-Commerce Companies In 2022

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Are you familiar with PUBG mobile games where you have to shoot down multiple moving targets to win chicken dinner? 

Think of your e-store as a situation, where you cannot let your visitors leave the website without purchasing anything from the website. If you miss the chance, you are just wasting another lead! With strategic e-marketing techniques in e-commerce, it is easy to generate convertible leads. According to Harvard Business School, 75% of US ventures fail due to poor business strategies. Lack of potential leads is definitely one of those.  

If you are determined to avoid these pitfalls in your business you need an innovative sales-driven strategy for your e-store. 

Need For Innovative Strategy To Improve Your Sales Figure:

In the digital era, innovation is the only key to exploring new strategies and techniques to power up the sales volume. Multiple e-commerce selling strategies are coming up to offer unique benefits to buyers every now and then. By getting attracted to some of those ‘year-ending sales’, ‘New year/Christmas Sales offer’, buyers are attracted to purchase from e-stores. 

Even giant e-stores like Amazon, Alibaba, and Flipkart, who are known for their market monopoly, update their e-commerce marketing strategy to increase their sales figures each year.  

When these giant e-stores need updated sales-driven strategies, you cannot overlook the necessity of innovative sales-driven techniques for your e-store. 

According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation IBEF, the total growth of internet connection driven by the ‘Digital India’ program expanded the e-commerce market. It is expected to grow to 111.40 million US$ by 2025. By 2030, it is expected to reach up to 350 billion US$. 

As the owner of an e-retail business, you can use this opportunity to raise your sales figure by involving competitive sales-driven techniques in your business. 

You will be exploring some of those e-commerce digital marketing strategies for 2022 below.

Top Few Sales Driven Innovative E-Commerce Strategies for 2022:

Top sales driving E-commerce strategies for 2022

  • Live Selling strategy in Instagram

Live selling on popular social media platforms is the best way to win the loyalty of your buyers. It is a common trend amongst garment, jewelry, and cosmetics store owners to display their products. Each live session displays a wide variety of garments and accessories along with the price and the delivery charges. If the viewers like your product, it will not take much time to sell off your whole stock in a single live session. It is one of the trendy online selling practices followed in maximum digital marketing for eCommerce businesses nowadays.


  • Usage of Progressive web apps

An eCommerce marketing website with progressive web apps intends to reach the targeted audiences rapidly. The purpose of the PWA (Progressive Web App) development service is to influence the user experience while visiting an e-website. The role of a PWA platform is to connect the respective business brand with mobile-responsive visitors. If the product appears convincing to the buyers, the buyers will always initiate a purchase. 

While ordinary e-retail websites run into technical issues while communicating with their customers, PWAs increase your customer relationship management too. 

To add the benefit of using PWAs in your existing business, you may hire an e-commerce marketing agency in India to amplify your sales figure. You will always find this particular sales-driven technique useful in 2021 and beyond.


  • Influencing buying decisions with coupon code games 

Coupon codes are the best ways to influence the buying decision of the customers nowadays. This particular trend is added to the popular e-commerce ecosystem to add a competitive edge for improving sales rates. Since buyers cannot bargain with the fixed prices of the products sold online, coupon codes retain the buying interest of the consumers. 

The assured discount offered on each buy compels the buyer to visit the same e-store again and again. Technically, coupon codes are one of the easiest ways to increase the sales figure of your business.

  • Including popular influencer marketing techniques 

The demand for influencer marketing techniques has grown in recent years. Maximum eCommerce marketing companies in India prefer influencer marketers to promote their brand. The role of an influencer marketer is to seek the most popular marketing channels to enhance your brand presence among millions of viewers. The most important part of influencer marketing is to assure your customers about the authenticity of your business. By winning the loyalty of your customers, you can always maintain consistency in your sales figure. Popular influencer marketing techniques are one of the best ways of online advertising for e-commerce businesses that can improve your sales rate in the upcoming years.

  • Offering attractive festive discounts

Festive seasons like New year, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day are the ideal time to boost your sales rate. The top ecommerce marketing companies of India wait for the festive season to announce attractive discounts. The attractive discounts on multiple products like- 40% off/30% off on each price instantly impacts the buying decision of a customer. If you are planning to boost your sales figure, attractive festive discounts can always boost your sales volume.

  • Popular remarketing tactics on social media platforms 

Popular remarketing tactics are one of the best ecommerce marketing campaigns on popular social media platforms. Technically, retargeting the visitors is a unique lead generation technique to identify your visitor. In this technique, a cookie is dropped on a website, the moment a visitor clicks to accept cookies the browser of the visitor is identified. Once the targeted browser is identified, you can run custom advertisements by using popular e commerce advertising techniques once the visitor moves across the web.

As the owners of an e-store, you will always find plenty of other ways to boost the sales rate of your e-commerce business. However, it is always advisable to include all of these competitive sales-driven strategies in your preference list to revive your sales figure.

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