Even you can shoot a professional quality video

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Have a good business model but lack that polished edge, that presentation? A video can bring quite the charm to the lacklustre. The real question is can it be quick and easy? Well, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

As a video marketing agency, our tips and tricks will come in handy while you’re on your way to shoot a professional quality video. Shooting is more about a person’s technique compared to the tools and the types of equipment. If you have an eye of seeing things differently than most, then tools are merely something that you will use to bring your vision to life.

What angle to shoot from? Can I shoot with my phone? How to set focus and when to change focus? Don’t worry! One of the best digital marketing company in Pune says there are minor details that are usually missed. Here’s the attention to detail you should focus on:

The background:

The most vital and important part of the shoot. This is something that will improve the visibility and clarity of your video. Be very selective while choosing the right background. A quiet room where you can set up your equipment, have clarity of voice and is clean. The more homely look that the background has, the better. People can relate to it faster.

Here are some ways to create good backgrounds:

Fake backgrounds: paper, screen, curtains

Real backgrounds: your office, your room, outdoors

The gear:

Here is the basic kit that you should have with you before starting your shoot:

A camera

A tripod

A microphone


Tip: If you have equipment with autofocus then it’s great if not, manual focus is not the end of the world either. You can use your laptop for a preview into the look and feel of this video. Also if you have a phone, always make sure to shoot through your back camera. Make sure you use a lot of lighting.

The audio:

Your audio should be such that it can give you the precise clarity that you require. A great video with bad audio seems like a pretty looking but bad tasting cake. We don’t want to do that.

Make sure to use voiceover. This is a crucial step.

Avoid using a phone recorder. If you have the budget buy a clippable mike that can be used in the video

Do a quick soundcheck. Are you able to hear yourself with clarity? How bad is the background noise and can it be corrected? Test all of this before you shoot.

The setup:

The background, the equipment and audio are ready. Now comes the setup. Set up the tripod to check the height and angle of the shoot. If you have more than one camera equipment, make sure to set them up at an intersection where you can cover two unique angles.

Set the lights so that your subject comes to focus. Keep the lights front facing to your subject, that way you’ll be able to cover maximum surface area.

If you are using a fake background, make sure you take time out to set it up before you set up the camera.

Keep the script handy. It might come to good use.

The shoot:

Shoot smaller takes. You’ll have fewer things to remember and more focused script. Also, less reshoot. Get the actors to try out different sounds and actions before the shoot to get them accustomed to the situation. Don’t let the camera continue to roll from line to line. Do a few takes in a row, then stop the clip. This will help immensely when you’re knee-deep in the editing process.

Even experienced filmmakers shoot retakes and make mistakes. Don’t judge yourselves too quickly. Take your time to adjust and balance as long as you want to.

Shooting a great video isn’t rocket science. But it requires a lot of practice and experimentation. But keep on it. Don’t give up. You’ll eventually develop your own style and accumulate a group of people who love your video marketing services.

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