Design Elements And Their Impact On Design

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Two decades ago, was when we were introduced to graphic designing. Adobe Photoshop was launched in the year 1988 and a lot has changed since then. Today designing companies in Pune and other cities understand that graphic designing is just like art. For a design to look the best, there needs to be a perfect blend of visual and textual content.

With the new age, many digital marketing agencies have now set their foot in the market, and with the fast-paced life, the content consumption has also increased. Therefore, for a brand to stand out they must pay attention to the three principal points that can make or break a visual. Let’s take a look at how a visual design revolves around the three central points – Elements, Colors and Font.

In every design each element denotes something, no element should be wasted and must have a reason behind why it is placed in the design. Let’s take a look at some elements you are likely to see more often in design.

Line: A line puts emphasis on movement, it is used to provide direction to the eye and can also be used to highlight something.

Balance: Each design has few elements which are meant to stand out like bold text and a few elements that are supposed to provide balance to ensure that the overall design looks appealing to the eye.

Negative space: A new designer tends to miss the importance of white space or negative space. Negative space is important because it helps a particular element be the central focus.

Shapes: Each shape has meaning and denotes something when it comes to the process of design. For example, circles donate continuity. The communication on a particular design should be aligned with the design elements used.

Colours: Colours play a huge role in graphic designing. Each colour has a meaning and each brand has a few specific colours that they are recognized by. For example, the colours, blue, white and red brings the brand Pepsi to mind. Therefore, it’s important that a brand creates its colour palette and the designers follow the guidelines provided to them by the brand.

Size: Size in graphic designing is used to create importance or give attention to a particular word or content.

Texture: Textures help us to create visual interest for the audience while also giving a sense of depth.

We here are SRV Media truly believe that design should be aesthetically fulfilling a brand’s requirements. Working in the digital media space since the past 8 years we have designed a number of creatives for our clients.

Let’s breakdown the design aesthetic of one of our own creation.



Here we have used a ribbon element in the carousel ad. This element helps to connect all the images together and showcasing a continuation in the design.

The colours used in the creatives lie in the same colour palette as the product thus connecting with the brand.

Each creative has an image that connects with the content. The carousel tells us a story which leads us to the last image connecting all the dots together.

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Pune, that can do justice to your brand on and bring it to the frontline on digital platforms, we invite you to collaborate with us.

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