How Instagram Is Levelling The Field For Small Players In The Market

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Are Insta-savvy brands different than the brands going for a traditional approach to marketing? Are pro-Insta brands on their way to giving tough competition to the giants in their respective domains? We would like to think that’s true.

Here are some statistics that will tell you why brands are moving towards a more informal way to connect to each of the users and customers

  • 75% of brands have their presence on Instagram
  • 80% of Instagram users voluntarily get in touch with brands
  • 72% of users make a purchase after going through a product ad on Instagram
  • Over 120 million people have a chat with brands every month
  • 30% of conversations occur through Instagram stories

Source: Instagram, Google

With the stats so high, new brands looking to launch in different sectors and segments are trying to cash in on this personal touch. Users these days need a brand that they can relate to on a personal level instead of a brand that is so professional that users can no longer relate to them. The users want someone to build a conversation with, to guide and provide product detailing and to help direct them to make the right purchase. Instagram provides the tools and technology to do all of that.

Take for example Dot & Key, a client for SRV Media, a digital marketing agency in Pune, reached out to the client’s user base via putting a question in the user minds. Are you taking care of yourself enough? Are you losing a part of yourself in the hustle? Here’s a little something we have for you. Taking care of the tiny dots you miss out on in your skincare routine.

-The brand ran ads on Instagram

-Put up stories about the brand, the products and the story behind the name

-Gave a tour of the operations and packaging team

-Was quick to respond to comments, DMs and inquiries

-Took opinions in the form of polls and questions

-Took the audience through product ingredients and benefits


-3x raise in website sales in 6 months

-650+ collaboration requests

-Got nominated and eventually won Harper Bazaar’s choice for toxin-free, natural products, award

-A steep rise in organic followers and engagement

Therefore, for a new brand, Instagram changed the game. It did level the playing field by allowing Dot&Key to reach out to users that it otherwise couldn’t have.

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