Business Blogging: Why You Need to Do it

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Successful businesses credit a lot of their success to blogging and content publication. What earlier served as a fun platform for opinion sharing in the past, has now become a vital component of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.  When used for business purposes, blogs help increase online visibility, leads, and sales. Business blogs can be thought of as a marketing channel like social media or email marketing that support the growth of a business.

Business blogging refers to blogs on the theme of activities relating to your business and related activities. Unlike a personal blog that is based on one’s hobby or serves as a primary way of producing revenue, a business blog is a marketing channel that increases online visibility for your business.

Make blogging a systematic and indispensable element of your online marketing strategy to enable your company to remain competitive and relevant in the digital landscape.

Most businesses today have a website. Blogging turns this website into a valuable marketing asset. Your website is more likely to show up on search engines at the top search results when you have a business blog. With every blog post on your site, the chances of your business ranking higher in search engine results increase thereby increasing the frequency of your business appearing in search queries made by people. Additionally, when you publish a blog post, it creates the opportunity for people to share it on their social media networks, furthering the reach of your content. This gives you the chance to share your content with new audiences and the option to add another site to link your post with.

Let us further delve into the many benefits of having a business blog:

  1. Drive Traffic

If you have a website, you are almost always looking for ways to increase the number of visitors to your site. So how is this possible? People can find your site when they search for you in a browser. These people are usually those who know of you and are looking for you. They don’t account for new traffic your site; they are part of the already existing traffic.

Of course it is possible to new traffic to your site, by purchasing email lists and placing ads, but these methods come with high costs.

With blogs you can drive traffic to your site harnessing the power of search engines and social media. The number of pages on your site and the number of times they can be updated is finite. Blogging solves both these problems. Every time you post a blog, it adds another indexed page to your site making it easier for your site to be found in search engines, driving traffic to your site organically.

Business blogs drive traffic to your website which presents the opportunity for traffic to convert to leads. This conversion means different things to different businesses.

  1. Establish Authority

The internet has become the go-to place for most people in search of information. Blogs are a fantastic source of information. By creating blogs that are informational or instructional, you can get your business recognition as an expert in your industry. Blogging is the best way to create value for customers by providing information that is meaningful and useful for them. Establishing authority has powerful implications on your business. If potential customers find valuable and relevant information on your blog, it helps cultivate trust and familiarity, placing you at the top-of-the-mind position which can be utilised when they are ready to make a purchase. This ties in with our next benefit.

  1. Lead conversions

As blogs increase traffic on your site, they also pose the opportunity for you to convert that traffic to leads. By adding a lead-generating-call-to-action to every blog post adds you can leverage the traffic on your website to conversions. These call-to-actions should to lead to a content-asset that will motivate consumers to share their contact details. Having a call-to-action button at the end of your blog is necessary to drive leads from increased traffic on your website.

  1.  Long term results

We have learnt that blog posts help businesses rank better in search engines. This implies that blogs can be monetized in many creative ways till long after they have been created. Affiliate marketing allows marketers to generate income from blogging on a variety of topics. Most blog related sales come from previously published blogs. 70% traffic and 90% of leads come from blog posts that were published months, even years ago. These are known as compounding posts.

  1.  SEO rankings

It is rather difficult to find a business that doesn’t have a blog using a search engine. Ranking for long-tail search queries is possible with blogs. When you have a business blog, you can rank better for long-tail search queries that are specific to your business, and the more content you have, the better you rank for high-converting keyword phrases.

SEO plug-ins can be included to further this exercise. Appearing in SERP #1 is a dream! And it does require hard work . There are over 200 aspects which determine your Google ranking. Nothing impacts your Google ranking like some good content. Blogs are now a vital part of Search Engine Optimization and can be leveraged upon in two ways.

First, include your blog as an additional index page to your website to be identified by Google and will eventually garner organic search results. Another way is to include targeted keywords and links which to increase the ranking of your sites getting you more visibility in the search results. This exercise becomes more manageable with the help of SEO plug-ins. Quality content and regular updates are an indication to Google that the website is active with a routine content flow.

  1.  Brand Building

A large number of huge companies leverage business blogging to build their brand. Blogging regularly and consistently offers a business the opportunity to increase their digital presence and remain active on social media. The impact blogging has on your social media activity is courtesy of the opportunity it offers for content sharing on networks. If you have a good blog, it is likely to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, presenting your business in front of new audiences. Blog content enables your business to have a constant social media presence, which is of value in today’s times of social media explosion.

A business becomes a brand when it provides value to your audience, can connect with them, and establishes a relationship of trust that goes far beyond transactions. Using blogs as a tool, businesses can create their own personas, which come with a unique set of values and beliefs. When people can find shared values with a brand, they want to return to the brand and will develop loyalty for the brand.

  1.  Content Creation

Blogs create immense content value for Social Media Marketing making them important from a content creation perspective. As most brands have an online identity, it is vital to establish differentiation which can be achieved with content. Content reflects your brand identity and helps rise above the noise of social media. Creating quality content and sharing them on the social media channels will increase the reach of your business. The number of likes, shares, retweets will testify for your content.

Now that you are absolutely certain of the benefits a blog can bring to your business, what’s next?

Companies choose to partner with digital marketing firms for business blogging. With a digital marketing firm you can:

  1.  Be Consistent – Business blogs often fail because brands are unable to remain consistent and stick to a publishing schedule. If you work with an agency, your blog will remain fresh and updated in a timely manner.
  2. Increase Frequency – A digital marketing firm will have far greater resources to produce content as compared to what your business could produce stand alone. More content means more traffic to your website, which will ultimately lead to business growth.
  3.  Level of Talent – Businesses may not always have someone on their team with the talent or skillset to write quality blog content. Working with an agency allows you to create better content by leveraging the talent of expert content writers.
  4.  Get Results – Another important part of maximizing the benefits of your business blog is measuring and tracking blog analytics and then using this data to improve your content. An agency employs data experts who can help you make strategic decisions about blog content.

Are you looking to start a blog for your organization? SRV Media offers a variety of content marketing services to meet your business needs. Our team of content and copywriters can work in collaboration with you to produce insightful, relevant, and informative content for your business blog.


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