Everything You Need to Know About How An Idea Became A 150 Million Rupees Company

By Published On: November 27, 2017Categories: Digital MarketingTags: , Daily Views: 3

6 years ago, two young MBA graduates stepped out of the prestigious Symbiosis Center for Information Technology, Pune with aspirations to bring a revolution in the digital domain. Both of them had great jobs at their hands and very bright corporate careers within grasp. But more importantly, they had a vision which put both of them on their entrepreneurial journey. A few days ago, The Economic Times covered the story of how these two young guns have sculpted their passion for innovative work to bring a change in the digital spectrum and thus, began the journey of SRV Media.

We are proud to announce that, we have been covered in one of the leading business newspapers of the country- The Economic Times. Last year SRV Media got featured on the cover page of the CIO Review with a special featurette on us. As a result of the strides we have been making in the digital marketing domain since our inception, we are increasingly becoming an embalm in digital world. A company that was a brainchild of two technocratic people is now growing by leaps and bounds. We started with one project and now we are handling more than 100 projects across 10+ industries, 20+ cities and 2 countries. A journey that started with one digital marketing project is now taking SRV Media at a global level. The company has grown rapidly in terms of tangible assets and intangible resources. A strong team of 80+ people are working to personify the vision of the two co-founders. Hundreds of clients can vouch for that, as they have been expanding their business thanks to SRV Media Services. The list of achievements is long!

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