Top trends in Digital Marketing for Real Estate Domain

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There was a time when buying a property was considered a luxurious investment, as only financially leveraged buyers could enjoy the advantage of buying a flat by paying an excessively high price.

However, times have changed now. The initiatives are taken by a majority of the Indian banks to provide house loans with low-cost EMI, zero processing fee etc. have influenced buyers from various income groups to purchase residential apartments. In 2021, the property buyers have gained the maturity to conduct extensive research online before acquiring a property.

That’s where the importance of the real estate digital marketing service providers sneak in. Only a professional digital marketer can help you to avail digital benefits of the online real estate business.

Impact Of Digital Marketing Services For Real Estate Business

Maximum buyers prefer consulting the internet to find reliable brokers, dealers and online property sellers to grab a good deal. Maximum real estate business owners use this opportunity to display their property by reaching out to the targeted audiences. If the buyer finds the property satisfactory, it won’t take much time for sales conversion.

According to Forbes, 82% of baby boomers prefer searching online for buying a new property, whereas 42% of buyers refer to the internet for searching the available properties for sale before buying an apartment.

The following diagram will help you to understand why the internet is a reliable destination for conducting a property search,

[Source: Digital Vidya]

The idea of consulting the internet while conducting a property search itself is a competitive real estate digital marketing strategy adopted by maximum real estate business owners in 2021. That’s because the strategy added some of the following leverages to a real estate business-

  • Quickly reaching out to the targeted buyers 
  • Easy to display the available properties on sale 
  • Easy to display the entire project virtually, 
  • Price transparency, etc.

Some of these competitive strategies may generate genuine leads for your business. Then only you can expect steady sales from your business. If your leads are not good, you will have a hard time hitting sales. That’s why you need quality leads to unlock digital leverages for your existing real estate business.


Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends For Acing Real Estate


Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends For Acing Real Estate Business In 2021

The real estate business is all about generating convertible leads. If you’re headstrong to get convertible leads for your business, always never overlook any of these actionable steps in the count-


1. Including the power of social media

Social media is one of the most reliable marketing mediums for promoting your online business. Nowadays, it has become one of the most reliable destinations for real estate marketing. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. are a hotspot for real estate property sellers. It’s a very cost-effective online marketing strategy to introduce your flats and available properties for sale to your targeted audiences. If buyers find it convincing it won’t take much time to generate potential leads. That’s why social media is a reliable platform to promote the real estate business in 2021 for convertible lead generation.


2. Adding virtual tour to the website

Virtual tours are the new-age digital tactics that help a buyer to get a virtual experience of the whole property available for sale. One such 3D user interactive interface increases your sales magnitude easily. The feature compels your potential buyers to make actionable decisions post one such virtual tour. If you’re willing to add leverage to your existing real estate business it’s another real estate digital marketing trend that’s viral in 2021.


3. Adding an Aerial Drone feature

Aerial drones are the latest trends introduced in digital marketing practices for real estate businesses in 2021. One such newest entry in the real estate marketing trends added competitiveness to the virtual tour facility in your website. The aerial drone view of the whole property includes the whole image of the complex along with other features available in it. That might include the surroundings of the property, might be the entire area on which the property is built, any notable feature that engages the visitor while viewing it, etc. If you’re willing to add one such image to your website you better hire a professional digital marketing agency for real estate agents for adding competitiveness to your existing real estate business in 2021.


4. Rich website content adding value to your business

Content optimization in your business website is another crucial factor for your digital real estate business. While doing so, do understand the buyer’s persona first. Then only you will be able to identify the type of content that your audiences might prefer. You may write informative educational blog posts related to the real estate niche. Such informative content can help you to reach out to potential leads. However, you can also avail professional digital marketing services for real estate businesses for putting such competitive content marketing strategies into action. 


5. ROI-driven Email marketing campaigns

Email campaigns are another smart marketing strategy that’s viral now. The strategy leads to actionable clicks on newsletters, mailers or invites to the targeted audiences in a specific market. One such ROI-driven marketing campaign is the best way to interact with potential clients, homeowners looking ahead to sell their existing property. At the same time, the campaign may help you to connect with those potential customers willing to purchase a new property. By including one such trend, you always have ample scope to generate potential leads.


6. Video content

Video content is another smart way to enhance the lead generation scopes in the online real estate business. Videos are the best way to engage and attract audiences. A well-optimized and engaging video can always engage the audiences by boosting lead generation. By adding video content to your existing online real estate business you avail competitive benefits of digital marketing in your real estate business. However, you can always hire professional real estate internet marketing services in Pune or anywhere else in India for adding video content to your real estate business website. That will help you to get potential leads anyhow.

How does Srv Media assure Digital Benefits To Your Real Estate Business In 2021?

As a business owner, you must avail the digital benefits of shifting your traditional real estate business to online. That is possible only when you’re hiring a professional real estate digital marketing agency in Pune or anywhere else in India for your existing business. A professional digital marketer like SRV Media will always come up with some of these competitive online marketing strategies for your online real estate business by raising your sales figure-

  • Identifying the targeted market for your real estate business
  • Generating potential leads that easily converts
  • Creating a dynamic business website for your business
  • Use popular social media sites to add competitive CRM approaches
  • Planting suitable chatbots wherever necessary
  • Adding virtual tour with aerial drone facility
  • Launching ROI-driven email marketing campaigns to generate actionable clicks

The final words…

If you’re willing to avail some of these digital marketing trends in your business, you may get in touch with us to increase your sales figure in the real estate business.

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