Why brands should use a winning WhatsApp Marketing Strategy for Marketing?

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An effective marketing strategy relies on a well-planned marketing plan. By defining your goals, outcomes, and roadmap, you can effectively achieve them.

WhatsApp marketing is a medium of efficiently carrying out messenger marketing, which simply means promoting a brand through WhatsApp. Through this, brands can reach a more extensive customer base, build strong relationships with customers, and increase sales.

Points to focus to optimize businesses with Whatsapp marketing services

Here’s a checklist you should follow while creating a WhatsApp marketing strategy for your business.

1. Plan Your Goals Ahead

Use the approach below to set your goals for WhatsApp marketing.

1. Mindfully consider the existing marketing funnel.
2. Identify the gaps and loopholes in your marketing.
3. Address those problems using WhatsApp.

Example: A lot of product queries coming after seeing your ads still need to be answered, so your conversion rates are low. The solution would be to run Ads that open a WhatsApp chat where people can ask their questions or purchase on your WhatsApp store.

2. Build your Brand Image

It’s crucial because having a good understanding of your target audience makes it much simpler to create successful, tailored content that speaks to the objectives and difficulties of your ideal customer.

3. Access to WhatsApp Business API

Both Apple and Android users can download the WhatsApp Business app. Although it is free, there are some restrictions. Even small businesses find using the WhatsApp Business app challenging because it only allows one agent. It offers essential functions like quick responses and away messages but does not support chatbots, message templates, or integration with other tools—all of which are essential for maximizing WhatsApp’s potential.

It is advised that companies of all sizes use WhatsApp Business API rather than WhatsApp Business app for this purpose. Additionally, many companies that previously used the WhatsApp Business app have switched to the WhatsApp Business API as they grow.

4. Setting up and Being updated a contact list

You need a contact list to use WhatsApp as a marketing tool. A highly relevant contact list is essential to a campaign’s success. Before receiving the message, WhatsApp prompts users to confirm that they wish to receive updates. You must therefore prepare a list of people who have expressed interest in your goods and services. A mainly targeted contact list that you can use for various campaigns will develop from this.

5. Framing Appropriate messages and building content

WhatsApp has a remarkable response rate of 99%, but if you send out messages with irrelevant or weak content, you’ll miss the chance to use WhatsApp as a marketing channel. Actions consumers take after seeing your message are equally vital to the success of your campaign as open rates. Choose the best Whatsapp marketing service provider in Pune and elsewhere across India to frame the message content which is the best fit for you.

To ensure that the messages are followed by actions, here are a few points that should be considered:

  • Prefer Keeping communications short, crisp and To the point.
  • Curate your messages with videos, animations, or pictures
  • Incorporate emojis wherever appropriate.
  • Avoid spamming your customers. Generally, B2B companies prefer sending updates on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger about 3-7 times weekly.

6. Open pathway for customer Communication, feedback and interaction

Combining a well-planned Whatsapp business marketing strategy with a feedback mechanism works wonders. A proper feedback mechanism helps you in the:

  • Validating your efforts
  • Identifying Dissatisfied customers and working accordingly to give them a helpful experience.
  • Enables you to measure customer satisfaction.
  • Helps you recognise the areas which are working fine and the one that needs changes.

Significance of using WhatsApp Marketing for Your Business

With rise in demand of online marketplaces, businesses are constantly on the outlook for best whatsapp marketing services india.

  • Profound relationships with customers:A foolproof method for creating lasting, meaningful relationships with clients is WhatsApp marketing. Using messaging applications makes over 55% of individuals feel more connected to a brand, according to studies.
  • High conversion rate:Identifying Dissatisfied customers and working accordingly to give them a helpful experience.
  • Improved sales:The simple step of incorporating a WhatsApp phone number on your website may result in 27% more sales leads. As a result, Whatsapp can be considered as your standalone business conversion prospect.
  • Affordable marketing Cost:The cost of WhatsApp marketing is still meager, so small businesses are able to take advantage of it.


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